Paternity Court:- “Teared Up”


  1. Romelus v. Seymore/Covington
    • Profile
      • Romelus v. Seymore/Covington – A teenager from Atlanta, GA demands paternity tests for 2 different men in order to determine the father of her 1-year-old.
    • Videos
      • Teen Mom: 2 Possible Fathers (Full Episode) | Paternity Court
        Channel:- Paternity Court
        Published On:- 2019-April-4th
        Added On:- 2022-April-4th
    • Participants
      • Romelus
      • Seymore
      • Covington

Video Transcripts

Romelus v. Seymore/Covington


  1. Liar
    • Did she tell you there is a possibility?
    • No, Mam
    • You are liar
    • I told you when that condom broke
    • There is a possibility
    • I said “Boy, you better man up


  1. Fatherhood
    • You were not sure who the father is
    • And, so you are just buttering up both sides of your bread
  2. OutTalk
    • You might be able to outtalk and manipulate them, but you will not do that to me
    • The reason why you are standing there is that you ran from this one to that one
    • And, then you ran back
    • Now that the baby is born, you are still doing the same thing
  3. Fatherhood & Care Taking
    • The fact is that you have a child that looks to these men for fatherhood
    • He lives with this one and you are just going to rip him from that home and man
    • Just because you feel bad
    • No, you don’t get to feel that bad, right now



  1. Fatherhood
    • I grew up without a father and so I want this child to have a father in his life
    • I cannot do that if he is going to be the father
    • And, then I will be the father, as well
    • At the end of the day, there is only going to be one father
    • And, I want to know who the father is
  2. Tearing
    • Judge
      • Mr. Covington, that news knocked you out of your seat
    • It sure did, it got me tearing up
  3. Fatherhood and Responsibility
    • I am still going to continue to do my part
    • It just hurts
    • It hurts for me to look into the eye of another man’s baby
  4. Hurt
    • It hurts, but I am going on living out my life



  1. Fatherhood
    • As he said, I grew up without a father too
    • I feel it is not right for any child to grow up without a father
  2. Truth
    • Judge Lake let the truth be known
    • That is what I came here for

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