Lessons From a Vulnerable Mother


When I am having those insomnia nights, which is often for me, I dew on the good.

I think about my best friend, my mother.

And, nothing else squeezes in.



Here are some of the lessons.


  1. Prayer
  2. Nobility
  3. Heart
  4. Caring
  5. Family
  6. Use
  7. Responsibility


She goes “Your Dad and I pray for you every night“.

About sums up life.

Parents who take the time to pray for each of their children every night.

Whether they are being good or being bad.

We still pray.

Whether their worries are too overbearing or not.

We still pray.



Parents who have worked long and hard.

Rewarded spiritually and worldly.

But, looking at either of them you wouldn’t think they had two shillings of their own.



Heart of gold.

Never, never, never talk ill of anyone.



Mother is very caring.

Takes care of the aged and elderly.

She says I will like to be taken care of when I am a bit older.

She draws, caresses, and lifts up children.

Do any and everything, but don’t hurt the children.




Family Oriented.

Do anything.

Say anything.

But leave her family out of it.



Her mantra is don’t use people.

Don’t have your eyes set on someone else’s.



Don’t go around feeling sorry for yourself.

Don’t go around and draw attention to yourself.

Pity Me.




Hopefully, I have opened up a bit.

The joy of the love of the mother.



Listening to…

  1. The Spinners
    • Sweet Sadie
      • Sadie (Live 1974 Concert Version)
        Channel:- The Spinners – Topic
        Date Published:- 2014-August-18th

In Lyrics

In a world like today
It’s a rare occasion to be able
To see young mothers like the ones
That were around when I grew up
But they live on in memory
To quite a few of us
And this song is dedicated
To those who cherish that memory
Early one Sunday morning
Breakfast was on the table
There was no time to eat
She said to me, “Boy, hurry to Sunday school”
Filled with her load of glory
We learned the holy story
She’ll always have her dreams
Despite the things this troubled world can bring
Oh, Sadie
Don’t you know we love you
Sweet Sadie
Place no one above you
Sweet Sadie (well, well, well)
Living in the past
Some times it seems so funny
But no money will turn your life around
Sweeter than cotton candy
Stronger than papa’s old brandy
Always that needed smile
Once in awhile she would break down and cry
Some times she’d be so happy
Just being with us and daddy
Standing the worst of times
Breaking the binds with just a simple song
Oh, Sadie (oh, Sadie, baby)
Don’t you know we love you (she’ll love us all in a special way)
Sweet Sadie (well, well, well)
Place no one above you
Sweet Sadie (sweet Sadie livin’ in the past)
Living in the past
Oh, she’s never sinnin’
In love she’s always winnin, yeah
Sadie (My, my, my, my, my)
Don’t you know we love you (I love you, mama)
Sweet Sadie
Place no one above you (I just can’t forget)
Sweet Sadie (how you gave me love, oh, Lord)
Living in the past
If there’s a heaven up above
I know she’s teaching angels how to love
Sadie (It’s a mean world without you)
Don’t you know we love you
Sweet Sadie (all the love you showed)
Place no one above you (oh, I could never, ever doubt her lovely word)
Sweet Sadie
Living in the past
Ain’t it funny that in the end it’s not money
It’s just the love you gave us all

In words

See it was 9 of us
Mama was on her knees just polishing up the floors for the rich folks’ home
Daddy was off somewhere, just trying to make ends meet, the best he could
But, I remember what she used to pray to the Lord

I got 9 hungry mouths to feed

Got to Talk

I got to talk about it
I love you mama
When I am down

The only reason why I am here today
Is because she sat me down
Told me, Taught me the right way

I got to talk about it
I love you mama
When I am down

I remember what you taught me
I can go back in the past
And, remember what you taught me
I am stronger when I am down
I turn the obstacles around

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