Scam:- Energy Bill


Sometimes last week, I received a phone call.

I did not pick up the call, but thankfully the lady was leaving a message on my answering machine.

The message read “You have 30 minutes to pay your electric bill, or else your electricity will be cut off“.

I picked up the phone and the person on the other end, asked for my address.

My presence of mind prompted me to ask her, “You called me yet you are asking for my address“.


Guilty as Charged

Admittedly, I am guilty.

Plainly so.

My energy bill has been seasonally high and I do not have it on autopay.

Bills that have a wide gyration are not on autopay.

It raises my awareness and I feel the pain and consider why I am paying such a high price for my neglect of consciousness.


Bill Paid

Went online and paid the bill.

Still lethargic about it.

Paid through credit card.

And, not through my Bank Account.


Utility Company


I reached for the phone and called my utility company.

Asked them for real, were you guys going to disconnect my electricity.

The lady was the nicest about it.

She said No.

She said, “give me a few minutes to check“.

She confirmed that there were no journal entries regarding a call by them to me.

She states they do not call asking for immediate payments over the phone.

She asked me “What phone number” was the caller coming from.

And, even then the person might have very well spoofed the utility company phone number.



Believe me, I like my utility company.

Don’t like the huge bill.

But, the reliability and customer service are way high.


Utility Companies

NV Energy

Scam Alert




Text ( Link )

NV Energy does not call customers to demand immediate payment for any reason.

Customers who may be at risk of having their power disconnected because of nonpayment will receive a 10-day notice on their NV Energy bill and a 48-hour notice via U.S. Mail. NV Energy does not accept payments via Zelle, MoneyPak, Venmo, or Bitcoin.

Please be aware of our accepted payment methods and kiosk locations.

If you receive a call asking for immediate payment of any kind, refuse and report the scam to NV Energy.

You can also check your account at

Please share this important information with your family and friends. We don’t want any of our customers to become the victim of a scam.

Sign of the Times

Family, sign of the times.

Quick Points.

  1. Scammer
    • Everybody is a scammer these days
  2. Phone
    • Phone Number
      • Please guard your phone number
    • Phone Calls
      • For unknown numbers, be comfortable letting them leave messages
  3. Electronic Commerce
    • Get comfortable with electronic commerce
    • Please get comfortable with going directly to your utility company’s websites to make payments
  4. Do not
    • Do not make payments to God knows who is calling you
    • Do not share your address
    • Do not share your personal information
    • Do not share your credit card



Beloved life is a lot harder and tougher for each of us.

It is just the way it is.

And, likely not going back.

Buckle Up.

We are all on a short trust basis with each other.



The risks are a lot higher for those who blog.

Those who share personal stories on social media.

Those in the entertainment or sports world.

Those who work for government agencies and high-profile companies.

There is a bull’s eye on your back.

Someone is always going to want to take more from you.

Want more of you.

Impersonate you.

Be you.


Elder Citizens

Count yourself blessed if you are lucky to have elder parents.

Elder uncles and aunts.

If you don’t have living ones, please adopt one, two, or a few.

Someone is always going to try to sell them something they do not need.

Upsell them; sell them at a discount and increase the charges in time.


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