Paternity Court:- “Characteristics of a Man”


  1. Humphries v. Moseley
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      • Humphries v. Moseley: A relationship is on the line for a Detroit, MI man who a woman says is the father of her child.
      • If he is, his fiance will leave him, but there’s another man in court who could also be the father.
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      • His Paternity Determines Matrimony As Fiance Will Leave If He’s Dad (Full Episode) | Paternity Court
        Channel:- Paternity Court
        Published On:- 2019-August-2nd
        Added On:- 2022-April-2nd
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Video Transcripts



  1. Manhood
    • I never really had a father in my life
    • My mother taught me “characteristics of a man“, but she never really taught me “how to be a man


Nathaniel Cook

  1. Liars
    • You will like to be the father
    • I will like to be the father, but then
      • Them two they are perfect for each other
      • They are both liars
  2. Fatherhood:- My father
    • I know what it feels like to have a father
    • And, I know what it feels like to not have a father
    • I just lost my father about a year ago
    • She was not there for me as I mourned the loss of my father
    • She was satisfying Mr. Mosely; all year long
  3. Fatherhood:- Me being a father
    • With every bone in my body, I try


Judge Lake


  1. Manhood
    • It does not take a rocket scientist to actually see that you are a little bit lost, and actually, a bit conflicted
    • The problem is these women actually sleep with you
    • They keep sleeping with you

Nathaniel Cook

  1. Fatherhood
    • I can feel in your spirit
    • I can feel in your spirit that you still want to do the right thing; your desire is to do the right thing
    • You did everything for that baby; even in your doubt

Video Comments

  1. Reina Paloma
    • Can I just say Nathaniel Cook is real man!! And he’s the youngest of all of them. I pray condolences for the loss of his father. God bless him

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