Paternity Court:- “One of Many”


  1. Marsh v. Reed
    • Profile
      • Season 5, Episode 29 – Marsh v. Reed: They are on and off for eight years, and now an Ohio woman says her lover is denying her one-year-old daughter because he’s in a new relationship with another woman.
    • Videos
      • Man With Four Wives Denies Paternity (Full Episode) | Paternity Court
        Channel:- Paternity Court
        Published On:- 2018-July-13th
        Added On:- 2022-April-1st
    • Participants
      • Ms. Danielle Marsh ( Mother )
      • Taurence Reed ( Father ??? )

Video Transcripts

Marsh v. Reed

Man With Four Wives Denies Paternity (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Mr. Reed

  1. Muslim
    • Mr. Reed
      • I am a Muslim
      • I am planning on having four wives
      • And, she knows it
    • Grandmother
      • He is a fake Muslim
      • He is a wannabe Muslim
  2. Resort Vacation
    • Mother
      • When we got to Missouri, two women popped up at the hotel room
      • He said let me introduce you to my wife
      • One of the girls confided that they just recently met
    • Mr. Reed
      • They ruined my birthday
      • The girls were going back and forth with each other
    • Ms. Lauren Lake
      • No, you ruined your birthday

Judge Lauren Lake

  1. One of Man
    • You were good with her being one of many
    • But, now upon finding out you are one of many, it doesn’t feel so good
  2. Weave
    • Weave of Lies
    • Weave of Wives

Video Comments

Marsh v. Reed

Man With Four Wives Denies Paternity (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

  1. Kayla Jasmine
    • “His mothers a Christian.. ”
      No, my mother’s a Baptist”
      Somebody come get meπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  2. Candice Castle
    • This is so sad. The actual father is the guy with 10 kids already. Why would anybody sleep or even slightly deal with anyone with 10 kids and do it with no protection. I have no children and a man even with two children can barely talk to me..I want no parts of it. Women and young ladies we have got to do wayyyyyyyyy better. As the judge says we women cannot play the same sleeping around games like males. The baby/burden/situation always falls on us.
  3. S T
    • She keeps saying she was just 18. It really affected her meeting him at such a delicate and tender age.

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