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Sierra Rhodd

KPRC 2, Houston, Texas

  1. 18-year-old charged in shooting death of a disabled woman in Cypress, deputies say
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      • Deputies said an arrest has been made in the shooting death of 20-year-old Sierra Rhodd, a disabled woman killed while sleeping in her home.
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        Date Published:- 2020-September-15th
        Date Added:- 2022-April-1st


Devin Graham, Karissa Lindros

Fox 22, Houston, Texas

  1. 19-year-old spends months as wanted fugitive, now charged with murder in death of man set on fire
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      • FOX 26 Reporter Randy Wallace explains in the latest Breaking Bond report.
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        Channel:- FOX 26 Houston
        Date Published:- 2021-August-29th
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New York Post

Texas 19-year-old Emma Presler accused of setting man on fire, killing him

Authored:- Emily Crane
Date Published:- 2021-August-25th
Link:- nypost.com/2021/08/25/emma-presler-charged-with-murder-allegedly-set-couple-on-fire ( Link )

A Texas 19-year-old who was charged over the murder of a woman last year is on the run after she was accused of setting a couple on fire — killing a man and leaving his girlfriend fighting for her life.

Emma Presler was charged with murder on Monday after police say she broke into 33-year-old Devin Graham’s Houston home on Aug. 6 before dousing him in a flammable liquid and setting him alight.

His girlfriend Karissa Lindros, 26, was also in the home at the time and suffered severe burns to 70 percent of her body.

Both victims were airlifted to a hospital, but Graham — a father of three — died days later.

Before he died, police said, Graham told them a woman had broken in and poured the unknown substance on him.

Houston police said they later determined the suspect was Presler. They announced the charge against Presler earlier this week but she is still on the run.

Emma Presler has been charged with Devin Graham’s murder and is on the run, police said.

Police have not disclosed a motive for the deadly attack, but relatives told ABC13 that Presler knew the girlfriend.

It is the second time in a year that Presler has been charged with murder.

The teenager was first charged following the shooting death of 20-year-old disabled woman Sierra Rhodd in September last year.

Before dying, police say, Devin Graham told them a woman broke into his Houston home and set him on fire using a flammable liquid.

Rhodd, who had cerebral palsy, was shot through her bedroom window while she was sleeping.

Presler was accused of being the getaway driver.

That murder charge against Presler was later dropped after a judge found there was a lack of evidence she was actually involved.

Presler’s boyfriend at the time and three others have since been arrested and charged with Rhodd’s murder.


Fox 22 Houston

Texas 19-year-old Emma Presler accused of setting man on fire, killing him

Authored:- Randy Wallace
Date Published:- 2021-August-24th
Link:- fox26houston.com/news/19-year-old-spends-months-as-wanted-fugitive-now-charged-with-murder-in-the-death-of-man-set-on-fire ( Link )

19-year-old spends months as wanted fugitive, now charged with murder in the death of man set on fire

FOX 26 Reporter Randy Wallace explains in the latest Breaking Bond report.

HOUSTON – “This girl had a lot going on in less than a year,” said Andy Kahan with Crime Stoppers.

For some reason, it seems judges want to bend over backward for 19-year-old Emma Presler.

“She should have been locked up a long time ago,” said Krystale Rhodd.

Presler’s run-in with the law began in September 2020. That’s when she and four other defendants were charged with the murder of Rhodd’s 20-year-old daughter Sierra.

“She was there. We all knew she was there, the truck was at my house. She was caught in the truck, she was there,” Rhodd said.

But a magistrate decided there was no probable cause so he dismissed the murder charge against Presler.

When Presler landed in the 174th Criminal District Court, Judge Hazel Jones gives her a felony bond for credit card abuse.

“So she’s out on a felony bond months later, she gets charged with yet another felony,” Kahan said.

The DA’s office asked Judge Hazel Jones to revoke Presler’s bond and put her in jail. Instead, Judge Jones gives Presler another felony bond.

“Presler’s been a fugitive for over four months, she’s been wanted,” said Kahan.

Earlier this month, police say Emma Presler went to the Kingwood home of 33-year-old Devin Graham, doused him with gasoline, and set him on fire, killing him.

His 26-year-old wife, Karissa Lindros, was critically burned.

“My heart goes out to them. I know exactly what they are going through and it’s the most horrible thing,” Rhodd said.

“She’s probably one of the thousands of defendants who are somewhere roaming around the streets of Harris County, who have bond forfeiture warrants out against them,” Kahan said.

Although Crime Stoppers has asked Harris County’s Justice Administration Department repeatedly for the names of those freed on multiple bonds, who are now wanted fugitives, the county refuses to compile the data.

It appears criminal District Court Judges don’t want you to know how many dangerous criminals they’ve set free and now no one knows where the heck they are.

Like Emma Presler.

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