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  1. I’m Happy. Promise: A Short Film by Merci Hardy
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        Channel:- Children’s Defense Fund
        Date Published:- 2022-February-16th
        Date Added:- 2020-March-28th



I’m Happy. Promise: A Short Film by Merci Hardy

The reflections of a young woman overcoming her battle of acceptance, including her mental health’s role in curating her reality. Over the course of the film, she reveals the lessons she’s learned- the ones she used to refuse. We are left to muse: Can happiness only be felt as it passes through? Can you honestly hold onto it?

This film is part of the Children’s Defense Fund’s Youth Voices Storytelling Fellowship. Young people in America today face serious, systemic barriers. But collectively, through listening to the experiences and visions for the future that young people share, we can move past outdated narratives like the American Dream and write new stories that bring about a future in which this country truly includes, cares for, and supports all its people.

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