African America:- In Wealth


According to DW ( Deutsche Welle ), a German broadcaster, the United States is home to the most successful African Americans in the world.



DW Documentary

  1. America’s Black upper class – Rich, successful and empowered | DW Documentary
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        Channel:- DW Documentary
        Date Published:- 2022-March-18th
        Date Added:- 2022-March-27th

Video Transcripts

DW Documentary

America’s Black upper class – Rich, successful and empowered | DW Documentary

In the United States, African-Americans are more likely to live in poverty than any other ethnic group.

But despite the country’s institutional racism, a Black elite has found success, thanks to a combination of entrepreneurial thinking and intensive networking within the Black community.

America is home to the biggest group of wealthy, highly successful Black people in the world.

One in 50 African-American families are millionaires.

Property developer Don Peebles is one of the richest and most powerful businessmen in America.

Nicknamed the “Black Trump”, he comes from a working-class background. His estimated net worth is 700 million dollars.

In Texas, Psyche Terry and her husband have created a cosmetics empire. They’re invited to every charity event in Dallas.

The Buy Black Movement fosters community business and even has its own Black Amazon.

In Atlanta Georgia, the famous and successful real estate agent Tahlia Diaz Brown invites other successful Black businesspeople to a huge party at the city’s most fashionable club. It’s an opportunity for ambitious entrepreneurs to network, strike deals, and celebrate their success.

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