Russell Westbrook:- The Lakers Days


Life of a basketballer and shortstops around the league.




2021 – Washington Wizards

2021 – Washingon

Devyn Howard ( The Fumble )
  1. Russell Westbrook’s Wife Nina Goes OFF On Stephen A. Smith For Saying His Numbers Don’t Matter
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      • Nina Westbrook rushed to Russell’s defense after Stephen A Smith dragged him…here’s what she had to say.
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        Channel:- The Fumble
        Date Published:- 2022-March-31st
        Date Added:- 2022-March-18th
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      • Nina Westbrook
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          • @NinaAWestbrook
      • Devyn Howard
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          • @DevynHoward


2022 – Timberwolves

2022 – Timberwolves – March 18th

  1. UNDISPUTED – Wolves destroy Lakers 124-104; Patrick Beverley says Westbrook is trash, Shannon agrees
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      • UNDISPUTED – Wolves destroy Lakers 124-104; Patrick Beverley says Westbrook is trash, Shannon agrees
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        Channel:- Undisputed: Skip and Shannon
        Date Published:- 2022-March-18th
        Date Added:- 2022-March-18th
  2. UNDISPUTED – Skip & Shannon react to Russell Westbrook’s foolish airball
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      • UNDISPUTED – Skip & Shannon react to Russell Westbrook’s foolish airball
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        Channel:- Undisputed: Skip and Shannon
        Date Published:- 2022-March-17th
        Date Added:- 2022-March-18th
ESPN – FirstTake
  1. UNDISPUTED – Wolves destroy Lakers 124-104; Patrick Beverley says Westbrook is trash, Shannon agrees
    • Profile
      • “Damn! I feel bad for Russ this gotta be the saddest downfall of a superstar” – Stephen A. on Pat Bev trash talk
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        Channel:- Pixel Game
        Date Published:- 2022-March-17th
        Date Added:- 2022-March-18th

2022 – Exit Interview

2022 – Exit Interview – April 10th

Bleacher Report
  1. Russ Discusses His Relationship With Frank Vogel
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      • “I’m not sure what his issue was with me”… Russ on his time with Frank Vogel
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        Channel:- Bleacher Report
        Date Published:- 2022-April-11th
        Date Added:- 2022-April-11th

2022 – Frank Vogel Firing

2022 – Frank Vogel Firing – April 10th

  1. Richard Jefferson on ‘COWARDICE’ of Lakers in Frank Vogel situation | NBA Today
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      • Richard Jefferson, Kendrick Perkins and Ramona Shelburne join NBA Today with Malika Andrews to react to the Los Angeles Lakers’ handling of firing head coach Frank Vogel.
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        Channel:- ESPN
        Date Published:- 2022-April-11th
        Date Added:- 2022-April-11th
  1. “They’ve Scapegoated Frank & Russ All Year” | Chuck Reacts To Reports Of Lakers Firing Frank Vogel
    • Profile
      • Chuck weighs in on reports that Frank Vogel has coached his last game for the Lakers.
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      • Video #1
        Channel:- NBA on TNT
        Date Published:- 2022-April-10th
        Date Added:- 2022-April-11th

Video Comments


2022 – Timberwolves

2022 – Timberwolves – March 18th

UNDISPUTED – Wolves destroy Lakers 124-104; Patrick Beverley says Westbrook is trash, Shannon agrees
  1. Bernard Fauntleroy
    • It’s over for Westbrook. He hit 5 of 12 from the field, 5 assists, 3 turnovers, and was -1 plus/minus for the game.
    • Lebron James hit 8 of 21 from the field, 4 assists, 5 turnovers, and was -19 plus/minus for the game.
    • All Skip and Shannon could talk about was that Westbrook shot an airball.
    • They are now all in to blame every loss on Westbrook.
    • Never thought I’d see the day Skip would push an organization’s narrative this far.





Russell Westbrook’s Wife Nina Slams Stephen A. Smith Over Criticism of Her Husband


Russell Westbrook’s wife Nina is not happy with ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith and took to social media to let her thoughts be known.

Nina’s response comes on the heels of Smith saying he doesn’t “give a damn” that the Washington Wizards player broke the franchise’s triple-doubles record. Westbrook scored an impressive 35 points, 21 assists, and 14 rebounds in his team’s 132-124 win against the Pacers on Monday.

“And here’s the thing about Westbrook’s big night: I don’t give a damn about any of it,” Smith said on Tuesday, per Yahoo Sports. “Because the Wizards aren’t very good. They’re not going anywhere. You’re 17-28 in the Eastern Conference for crying out loud. You’re not going anywhere, and this isn’t the first time Russell Westbrook has played on a team that has fallen short.”

Smith continued, “If Russell Westbrook was a better 3-point shooter, could you imagine what he would’ve done? I’m here to tell you he would’ve won a championship by now.”

“So… how tiring it is to be minding your own business and have notifications pop up on your phone about people being negative and hating on your family,” Nina Westbrook wrote on her Instagram Stories in response to Smith’s commentary. “There are several things wrong with what @stephenasmith says here.”

She continued her string of posts aimed at Smith by recalling her husband being criticized by a commentator back when he was a UCLA student playing for the Bruins.

Image via Instagram/@ninawestbrook

“Ironically, Russell makes history and @stephenasmith comes out of nowhere to share his non-congratulations,” she wrote. “When he does bad we hear about it, when he does will we don’t hear about it OR @stephenasmith has to make sure that his accomplishments are diminished. Respectfully, I’m not a fan of yours.”

Nina went on to write, “Russell is the happiest he’s ever been. Not having a championship does not ‘hurt him a lot.’ You know nothing about him. If you did, you’d know that he is way way way more than a championship. He is a champion of life. A champion of his people. He doesn’t care about YOUR championship, and certainly not YOUR opinion.

You can read Nina Westbrook’s comments below.

Russell Westbrook’s wife goes off on Stephen A Smith for his comments about Russells accomplishments

— 2Cool2Blog (@2Cool2BIog) March 31, 2021
Russell also responded to it all after he was asked about Smith’s comments.

Russell Westbrook on Stephen A. Smith

“One thing I won’t allow to happen anymore is let people create narratives & constantly just talking shit for no reason about me because I lay it on the line every night and I use my platform to be able to help people all across the world.”

— Hoop District (@Hoop_District) March 31, 2021

Russell Westbrook gave a 2-and-a-half minute answer in response to a question about @stephenasmith’s comments on First Take: “A championship don’t change my life. I’m happy. I was a champion once I made it to the NBA. I grew up in the streets. I’m a champion.”


Full quote here:

— Fred Katz (@FredKatz) March 31, 2021



Kevin Durant ( KD )

“Kevin Durant was right in calling ‘environment playing with LeBron James TOXIC’”: Report about Russell Westbrook’s mental state echoes Nets star’s claim in 2018


Both Russell Westbrook and the Lakers had few other options when Brodie agreed to join his hometown club, accepting the offer which was backed by both LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

But nothing worked out the way any of those individuals would have thought it would and exactly did turn out like the rest of the world thought it would.

The lakers also signed several other veterans to support the big-3, in Carmelo Anthony, Dwight Howard, Rajon Rondo, Trevor Ariza, Avery Bradley, and Wayne Ellington.

LeBron believed in that bunch and even told the whole world to keep the same energy when the season ends.

Although he was bizarrely wrong, that was one of the best and most positive statements by him.

But the King himself couldn’t keep that energy throughout the season even if he wanted to if you believe KD back from December 2018.

Kevin Durant felt playing with LeBron James could be toxic, is that what happened with Russell Westbrook?

In a Bleacher Report story, the Slim Reaper talked about why nobody wanted to play with James anymore despite him still being the best player in the league at the time.

He said that it’s not the 18x All-Star’s fault, but the unnecessary media attention around him all the time that makes it toxic for other players. Thanks to this Tweet we came upon which reminded us of the incident

That’s precisely what happened since the time Russell came to LA. The man who had just led a lottery-bound Washington Wizards team to the Playoffs became the main target of the media since the Lakers’ misery started, which was Day 1 of their 2021-22 campaign.

It would’ve helped Brodie if LeBron came to his defense after bad games for once as he did before the start of the season or on the off days he played well. But none of James, AD, or their head coach Frank Vogel did anything to stop the lynching the 2017 MVP suffered at the hands of media and fans.

As a result, the sword fell on all of them. Now that the Lakers are out of even in the Play-in tournament, the big-3 will most certainly break up, and there’s much more certainty around Vogel’s departure. It could all have turned out differently if they were more of a team or the environment were less toxic.



My Take


  1. Team Sports
    • Team Organization
  2. Management
    • Management Responsibilities
  3. Life
    • Life at home
    • Basketball Life after the Lakers
    • Life after basketball

Team Sports


Life is a team sport.

Sports Teams participate in a Team Sport.

Team Athletes participate in a Team Sport.

To blame one person or chiefly blame one person is a bit disingenuous.



Management Responsibilities

It is management’s responsibility to put the best team forward.

There are so many pieces to what that responsibilities entail:-

  1. Due Diligence
    • Management has to perform its due diligence when putting together a team
  2. Preach & Practice
    • Preach and Practice a team-first mentality
  3. Protect
    • Management has to protect the players


Life at home

One can tell it get’s into Russell Westbrook’s home.

When a man’s wife feels she has to go ‘outside’ and defend him, that says a bit.

Basketball Life after the Lakers

Unfortunately for Russell Westbrook, his trade value is decidedly devalued after this season.

Bro is a 33 years old man.

Hopefully, his body will hold up another 7 or so more years.

Life After Basketball

Upon retiring from basketball, he will be very invested for the real life.

He will have a life partner in Nina.

He will have plenty of time to think through and over:-

  1. Basketball
    • How much of his life he has given to the Sports he loves so very much
  2. Health
    • How much of his heath, body, time, and life he gave to be a professional athlete
  3. Hometown
    • He will think about the opportunity he had playing for UCLA ( University of California, Los Angeles, CA )
    • Playing for the Los Angeles Lakers
    • For a young man from Long Beach, CA he really could not have asked for much



Writers Write.

People live lives.

Meditate and don’t let much of it get into your head.

Hopefully, ever so often, someone says something good about you.



  1. Psalm 71:15 – In You, O LORD, I Have Taken Refuge ( Link )
    • 14 But I will always hope and will praise You more and more.
      15 My mouth will declare Your righteousness and Your salvation all day long, though I cannot know their full measure.
      16 I will enter in the strength of the Lord GOD; I will proclaim Your righteousness—Yours alone.
  2. Luke 6:45 – A Tree and its fruits ( Link )
    • Out of the goodness of the heart, each man speaks.
      Out of the overflow of the heart, each man speaks.



  1. Brand Nubian
    • Brand Nubian – Don’t Let It Go To Your Head
      • Brand Nubian – Don’t Let It Go To Your Head (Official Video)
        Channel:- BrandNubianVEVO


Spoken Words

Kevin Durant, James Harden, Russell Westbrook.

Yall 3 came out of OKC.

Nets, Wizards meet in battle of former Thunder teammates

As teammates, the trio was together for three years in OKC, reaching the Finals against Miami in 2012. Then Harden was off to Houston, when the Thunder flinched on the prospect of paying three maximum-salary contracts.

That left Durant and Westbrook to twice get the Thunder to the West finals over the next four years.

Harden traded to Houston.

Durant asked for the trade.

Dogged over it.

But, here he goes and won the championship with the Golden State Warriors.

You joined OKC as a rockie in 2008.

In 2019, you were traded to Houston Rockets.

Family, you lasted 11 or 12 years with the same team.

With the Rockets, you joined with homie, James Harden.

Harden joined Durant in New Jersey.

Later Harden asked to go join the 76ers in Philadephia.

You left Washington to try to get yours with a super team that y’all put together in LA.

A few years from now you grown.

You will become a journey man.

There is no hating in that.

To relieve the star and prized players of that day, you will come in for a few minutes to spare them.

They will treat you better.

I for one, always know you gave your all.

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