Christianity:- Stages of Demonic Posesssions


From the beginning of time, human beings have seemingly been aware of satan and demonic activities.




Here are the stages defined by some Christian groups:-

  1. Infestation
  2. Oppression
  3. Obsession
  4. Possession



Here are the hallmarks of an infested inhabitant:-

  1. Footsteps
  2. Voices
  3. Apparitions
  4. Objects being moved without human agencies
  5. Odors with no discernible source

Though it might not be immediately apparent, the aforementioned list impacts objects and maybe animals.

Human beings are not directly affected.


Within the oppression stage, the human being himself is affected.

He is subjected to:-

  1. Physical Attacks
  2. Sleep disturbances including nightmares
  3. Frequent and severe illnesses
  4. Major depression or anxiety
  5. Severe financial problems
  6. Inability to stay employed
  7. Relationship Troubles

Though these problems can occur to any of us.

When they occur at the same time or simultaneously, they could indicate someone undergoing demonic oppression.



When a person stays pressed for long periods or when breaks from oppressive states are short and fewer in between, unfortunately, the person might have progressed from being oppressed to obsessed.



Upon someone transitioning to the possession state, the demonic activity has successively weakened the person’s ability to cope.

They are worn down within just about all the faculties of a normal functioning human being.


  1. Spiritually
  2. Psychologically
  3. Emotionally
  4. Physically

The possession will start to manifest itself in the following ways:-

  1. Spiritually
    • Inability to intimately engage with God
      • The person’s faith to approach God in prayer will wane
    • Inordinate aversion to holy objects
  2. Psychologically
    • Utterances
      • Speak in different voices
      • Hear Voices
  3. Knowledge
    • Knowledge of events or facts the impacted person should not be aware of
  4.  Physically
    • Superhuman Strength
  5. Suicidal Idealization
  6. Resigned to giving up



Beloved within the body of Christ, there are caretakers who are true burden bearers; appointed and gifted to help each of us.

They will not walk away and they will not give up.

They will hold sacred your darkest secrets, they will not betray your trust, they will be responsible with your ills.

The quorum they seek and submit to is that of the triune God.

They will not seek the approval of men.

Yes, they will seek and engage men for their participation, yet the holiness of God will not bind them to men’s buy-in.


Long Road

I really want to encourage someone that there is a very long road between Infestation and Possession.

God’s benevolence alone speaks for itself.

There are many stopgaps.

There are many trustworthy people that will get in Satan’s way.

Your Guiding Angels will be particularly active.

I pray upon you an uplifting grace and the sufficiency of that grace.



Beloved, please submit all of you to God’s righteousness in this season that we all find ourselves.

Seek people that will cover and not enslave you.

Those that will cover you through Godly means.



  1. Isaiah 27:3 – The LORD’s Vineyard ( Link )
    • 3 I, the LORD, am its keeper; I water it continually.
      I guard it night and day so no one can disturb it;
  2. Psalm 121:3 – I Lift Up My Eyes to the Hills ( Link )
    • 3 He will not allow your feet to slip
  3. Psalm 34:21 – Taste and See that the LORD is Good ( Link )
    • 20 …He protects all his bones; not one of them will be broken.
      21 The haters of the righteous will be condemned.
      22 The LORD redeems His servants


Referenced Material

  1. The Newport Daily News
    • Kathleen Troost-Cramer
      • 4 degrees of demonic possession


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