Deliverance Ministry:- Care Receiver – Day 01


Will like to speak in general to a request.



Here is the request…

That happened to me.   Very sad and traumatic. I wish the church did more in this area.

Where can I find help for this?



So for background, someone is experiencing difficulties and they will like help.



  1. Care
  2. Who can help me
  3. Seek Out Help
  4. Confidentiality
  5. Motives
  6. Trustworthiness
  7. Pray & Mercy




I think one has to be very careful when seeking help.

I think one has to identify the specific areas that one feels help is needed.

Which areas are you most vulnerable?

Areas may include:-

  1. Spiritual
  2. Psychological
  3. Emotional
  4. Physical

Who can help me?

Upon listing out the area, please identify which caretakers can help you better flesh out the area.

Who can help you tighten up your sight and insight?


Seek out help

Orderly and carefully seek out help.



Please be careful how much you open up to people.

Unfortunately, people are very untrustworthy these days.

Don’t open up everything about you.

Don’t open up everything about your problem.

No matter how big your problems are.

No matter how small your problems are.



You can not prejudge people’s motives.

People have various motivations.



Fortunately, you will find trustworthy people.

But. unfortunately, you will find many untrustworthy people, as well.

May God help you discern.

May he grow your discernment spirit.


Pray & Mercy

May God’s people pray for you.

May they show and shower mercy to and on you.




Fallen World

It is a “fall-ed” world.

Will all things fell, there is a lot of brokenness in it.

Churches are not exempt.

There is no magic bullet.

In and With God, and with care and commitment on your part, you will slowly and surely take good care of the soreness and the hurting pieces.

People of God will be mindful of you.



In summary, may God help and bless you with a good mind, a sound spirit, a wholesome soul, and a joyful heart.

May he help you discern the various spirits that roam the earth.

May he safeguard you more and more.

May he command his Gentle Angels to speak life in you.

As he cleanses you, may his indwelling grow deep into eternity.

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