Walking With God:- 2022 – March


I will like to engage and encourage the brethren with a couple of reminder notes.



  1. Good Place
  2. Save and Savor your Health
  3. Your Work
  4. Don’t reminisce about the bad
  5. Grow Intimately with God
  6. Walk with people
  7. You are Human
    • Pouring & Cutting


Good Place

Hopefully, your God has you in a good place.

If he does, thank him for it.

Allow your blessing to stay and flourish there.

If you do not feel you in a good place, set some benchmarks.

If things turn up a bit, consider staying.

If things don’t get better, ask your God to release you.


Save & Savor Your Health

Beloved if you have good health, please save it.

Savor and Enjoy it.

Do your best to be mindful of what you put in it.

What you let in it.

Who you let in it.


Your Work

Hopefully, you get a bit of rest off your work.

Get the training you need to do good work.

If you are lucky to be under good management, thank God and Goodness for having you under good management.

Work Hard for good people.


Don’t reminisce about the Bad

Get out from under bad people.

Don’t reminisce about getting back under bad people.

Don’t associate too closely with bad people.

Take a loss if and when need be.


Grow Intimately with God

If you really want to know what will help you the most in your life.

I will tell you.

It is your relationship with God.

It will help you in the following areas:-

  1. Take in data
    • Consider your choices
    • Dig in deeper into your choices
    • Be better able to determine which are actual options and which ones are phony options
  2. People
    • When people come to you, you will be better at praying for people
    • Opening up to them your life
    • Your strength and weaknesses
  3. Arrows and Dirt
    • In this life, you will receive arrows and dirt
    • Through God, the mud will not stick on you


Walk with people

Use God.

Beloved, please use God to help you identify a few people to walk alongside.

With you holding on to God, you will be better equipped at identifying those you should draw closer to.

Likewise hidden in God, you will let go of some people, as well.


You are Human

Pouring & Cutting

In all things, acknowledge that you are human.

Being human, it is impossible to see and gauge how people are pouring into you.

God chooses his increases.

Unfortunately, some bane and wound from some pouring will prove to be utterly costly, as well.

Please tweak keeping this in mind.



Yo fam, I will like to tell you “We are outside“.

But, then I will be “capping“.

We are way inside.

I just got an alert from my Energy Company.

It clearly states we are outside of our usual consumption.

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