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American Academy of Achievement

  1. American Academy of Achievement – 1.11VEN
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      • Video credit: Singer, songwriter, producer Ms.Lauryn Hill interview with American Academy of Achievement.
        June 18, 2000
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        Channel:- 1.11VEN
        Date Published:- 2021-June-18th
        Date Added:- 2022-March-4th

Video Transcripts

American Academy of Achievement

American Academy of Achievement – 1.11VEN

  1. Self
    • I can make music
    • I can make music that is very self-indulgent
    • Basically self promote me
    • In fact, lyrically as an MC that stuff comes easy
  2. Higher
    • But, in other to promote something higher
    • The only thing I can do is serve others
  3. Matrix
    • See the word of God
    • Every time that agent throws a punch, I will say I see you
    • I am just catching those punches, I am not afraid
    • Situations materialize themselves and I see that he is an Agent
  4. Agent
    • Here is the trick, you have to remember that sometimes you can be an Agent too
    • You can be Agent unto yourself
    • You can be an Agent to someone else and not realize you are just being used
  5. Righteous Versus Right
    • I am realizing that it is more important to be righteous than to be right
    • I have tried to be right
    • This is not right, this is a travesty
    • But, I am being very unrighteous
    • You can attack someone completely right
    • But, it does not resolve anything
  6. War
    • I am understanding now that the battlefield is so much greater than what we see
    • But, now I realize that until you conquer the enemy within you, you can not deal with anyone
  7. Godliness
    • We want to be used by God
    • We want to put on the right gowns and win an Emmy
    • But, then that is not always the full extent of being used
    • Being used sometimes mean being humiliated
    • You have to be kicked and beaten
    • And, in that situation, the person who is beaten and kicking is feeling more pain than you are
  8. Love
    • We don’t know love as we should
    • Because if a person stops stimulating us, we stop loving them
    • Once the person stops stimulating us, we say goodbye
    • But, that real love is more difficult
    • And, that is the confidence builder

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