Soft White Underbelly:- Summer


Summer out of Oakland, CA started out a bit closed-up.

But, then she open up real quick.



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          Date Published:- 2020-February-22nd
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Video Transcripts



Feelings & Free

I got in my feelings a bit
I am not about to be letting these negroes slide-in for free
While they treating me bad
I might as well, let them pay for it


Headache of Street Life

Yeah, I must admit the headaches of the streets do get to me at times
At those times, I get back inside for a minute
Get a shot
Get a wood
Get back outside


Need medication to get outside?
No, I will be outside sober as fuck


Some females is used to get fast money
Your weekly paycheck that you are making at the end of every week
That bitch is probably making that every night
If the bitch is used to the fast money
She going to stick to the fast money
I am not about to be a Square bitch
Working a nine-to-five
And, be like I gotta stretch out this little money

Living paycheck to paycheck
That is out
That is Duh
That is through
That is weird
That is depressing
That is annoying

For me, I will fall into a depression real quick
Like I get paid on Friday
And, I got all these bills
Like that is out
What the fuck?
No that is out

Some people just need to understand
Some people it is not meant for them the 9 to 5 lifestyle
They just get need to leave these mfs alone, leave these bitches alone
Harassing them
Why she don’t just go get a 9 to 5?
Harassing them
Like Bro, Mind Yours
If you fine living like that, I am fine living like this
Leave me alone

There is no going back for you?
No, I am used to it

I am addicted to the fast money



I love my mexicanos

Younger Self

This game is not for the weak
This game will definitely fuck with you
It will fuck with your head
It will fuck with you emotionally

Just know
If you go into this game, you pick the right folks
The right isms
All isms isn’t good isms

You got boyfriend pimps
Hoe Hustlers

You will be sitting here
It is five years later
Looking at the same kind of shoes
Asking what the fuck is going on

Shoddy Go


Risky Requests

Nasty, you going to go out there
Go Outside
What makes you think
What posses you go out there
And, find a random chick
And, be with her raw

That bitch probably got a disease


Bro, please

Video Comments


  1. Autumn Schuetz
    • These interviews are so deep and these girls/ men are so vulnerable right now and it just shows how strong they are. I got out the game 4 months ago when my abuser got lock up and I’m doing great now in a safe house. I hope this for all the girls that I see on here cause it’s so fucking scary out there the money was great but when something super tramatic happens that’ll fuck you up so bad. Mark you are the best and so sweet to these people


Shout Out

Shout out to my Oakland Bees

Shout out to my Oaktown Shorties

You already know how it goes out on these streets

To me she clear as a Summer Day

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