Dominic Sarkar


Two individuals, Maria Moore and Marvel Salvant have been convicted of murdering Dominic Sarkar.

Dominic Sarkar was working as a Chef at the time of his passing.

Maria Moore was dating Dominic Sarkar.

Ms. Moore is accused of having Marvel Salvant help with the crime.



Maria Moore and Marvel Salvant

Maria Moore, and Marvel Salvant.




Murder Trap

The D.A.’s office claimed that evidence showed that less than a month before the murder, Moore wired $500 to Salvant, who lives in the Sacramento area.

The D.A.’s office said that cell phone location records showed Salvant coming to Sarkar’s neighborhood, and surveillance footage showed Salvant’s car parking nearby Sarkar’s house at the time of the murder.

“A male was then seen on the footage riding a bicycle towards the victim’s residence from where Defendant Salvant’s vehicle parked,” a news release states. “Minutes after the murder, the same male was seen on the video footage returning to the vehicle. Cell phone location data then showed Defendant Salvant leaving the area back to his residence in the Sacramento area.”


Life Insurance

In April 2016, Mr. Sarkar and Defendant Moore purchased a $500,000 life insurance policy insuring Mr. Sarkar’s life. She was listed as his domestic partner, and his two daughters were listed as contingent beneficiaries.

Months later in September of 2016, a beneficiary change was submitted, removing Mr. Sarkar’s daughters from the policy, and naming Moore’s son as the contingent beneficiary.

In 2017, Mr. Sarkar purchased an additional $300,000 insurance policy insuring his life with his daughters listed as the sole beneficiaries.

In January of 2018, this policy was also changed removing Mr. Sarkar’s daughters and naming Defendant Moore as the sole beneficiary.


Marvel Salvant

Salvant told others he would be getting a lot of money soon and made clear that he would do so through untoward means.

I’m an evil person … I committed a cardinal sin … I already did it,” Salvant said, according to court documents obtained by The East Bay Times. “So, ain’t no turning back from here.”


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