Near Death Experience – Howard Storm – YouTube User Comments


Will like to collect a couple of youtube Comments left by YouTube viewers of Near-Death Experience videos.

Howard Storm

4 Magic Words Got Him Out of Hell (Literally) | NDE



  1. Mama Lupine
    • I died from suicide at 17 and all that I could remember was unconditional acceptance and unconditional love and a lovely white light that receded and a loving voice telling me that it was not my time. This saved me and I would like nothing more than for everyone to feel that love. God is real and His love is real so always keep hope and faith alive. PS Still chugging along on the road to seventy but I still remember that love that God gave me and offers to everyone.
    • Mark Walker
      • Why do we have to die to feel that love? How does he offer his love. Maybe I am blind and stupid but I look around at the suffering of people, not me, but really poor people in “Third World Countries” or people who suffer from horrible cruelties, and I say to myself, “if this is God’s love, I would hate to see the opposite.”
      • Truthseeker59
        • @Mark Walker Souls are eternal and karma comes with each lifetime. Souls are energy and energy can never be destroyed, there are things here that are more than meets the eye.
  2. Grace Richard
    • By far, probably the best NDE i’ve ever watched. This guy is so REAL, so funny, so serious, and so great with describing every moment. I love it. Thank you so much for sharing.
  3. Deedee Turner
    • I have watched his testimony probably 50 times. His story has never changed. I know people are skeptical. My brother passed away at 3 yrs old and he would literally visit all of the really sick kids at children’s hospital and would assure them that everything was OK because angels told him they would be ok. It was life changing.
  4. Zoey Cat
    • I’m a nurse and I’m just starting to watch this video. Very interested to see what he has to say because I had a patient once that went to his death screaming at something to leave him alone and get away from him. In all my at the time 3 years as a nurse I had never seen someone not die peacefully. If I wasn’t already a saved believer in Christ I would have been after that. Now I’ve been a nurse for 21 years. Still have never seen another death like that one. I have had a patient ask me to tell the men in the corner of the room to please wait and come back tomorrow. I saw nothing, but apparently my patient did. He was 15 and he died the next day.
  5. Treasa Lohmiller
    • I’ve been straying from God for a little while now. I’ve been watching atheist videos and the arguments are super strong. Then this comes along. I’ve heard many NDE stories. Hell I died four times myself. Saw nothing. Thought since I didn’t, there was nothing to see. His story just may have changed my path right now. I felt this. It seems true. Real. Makes sense.
  6. daffidavit
    • In the late 1970s, I met a man who told me a somewhat similar story. He said he was being operated on in a MASH tent during the Korean war and there was no anesthesia. It was for some kind of rectal surgery. I recall his name was Chet. He said while lying face down on the operating table bleeding, a woman came into the tent dressed in a white gown. She kind of floated in a few inches over the floor and came up to him next to the doctors and said something like: “Don’t worry Chet, you’re not going to die here and now. We need you to stay here to help others“.
    • After the operation, he asked the doctors and nurses who the woman was. They told Chet there was no other women other than the few people on the operating team at the time. He said he was not dreaming and was not under the influence of any anesthesia. The man was sincerely honest. I believed him then and I still believe it today.
  7. Ga Mtn Girl
    • This man is a hoot. I love him and his sense of humor in telling his story. In fact, this is my absolute favorite account I have heard on Shaman Oaks. This man is right on the money. Btw, “Shaman Oaks” is a far better interviewer than most, in allowing people to tell their stories with minimal interruption, a mistake so many others make – interjecting their own experiences into the other persons’ story. It allowed the power of this experience to shine through. Thank you.
  8. myGIGGIL Videos
    • Thank you, Howard for your vulnerability and your courage to share your story. So many gems in here, but my favorite phrase is, “I hope He doesn’t let go of me.” Such a familiar sentiment to anyone who has ever lived through a dark night with nothing but that one hopeful thought to cling to. Feeling so much gratitude and praise for a Savior who would never, could never let me, you, us go. ❤️
  9. Richard Morin
    • Dated a girl who’s dad was a Chicago homicide detective. He’d sometimes arrive on scene before the victims passed. The gangsters always had a look of utter fear on their faces. The innocent victims had a look of complete peace as they took their last breath. God is very real and the after life isn’t joke.
  10. XX XX
    • My husband had a similar experience at near death. It wasn’t the drugs. It was demonic. He wouldn’t tell me what the demons did to him but it was awful and he was a fighter by nature. He did pass. But Jesus gave him one more chance to choose Him. He never gives up on us. Not ever.
  11. Candice Lambert
    • This man with a certainty was with Jesus…I can’t hold back the tears on this. Jesus has the best most humorous personality. The sheer gratitude cannot be expressed when you have had an encounter like this. I am not at all religious and Jesus similarly visited me no strings attached. Incredible.
  12. Chantal Hadchiti
    • First time I hear about his wonderful experience. Thank you. Moved me to tears as the part about the doctor in the room(that no one knew of) that lit the room, reminded me of my giving birth to 3rd child & hemorrhaging to death thereafter. Doctors couldn’t do anymore. Then came the calm visit during the night, telepathic, confirming the situation & offering that I could “choose”. I chose life, chose it with determination & that’s when the bleeding stopped & recovery started. A precious visit & regular reminder. So grateful.
  13. Willy T
    • Wondering collaboration. Howard Storm is lovely. He spoke to me for four hours about ten years ago when I was going through a difficult time. One of the greatest testimonies of our lifetimes. Praise God.
  14. Teresa Fraser
    • This was one of the most impactful NDE’S I’ve ever heard🙏 This experience shows us that when our physical body dies, not only are we still existing in spirit form BUT…..whatever your beliefs are is what you will experience in the afterlife until you choose otherwise. If you believe in HELL you WILL experience it…..If you believe in HEAVEN you will experience it……..PERIOD.
  15. sherry spies
    • OMG. Howard I believe every single word you said. I was crying. I know all about the experience with meeting Jesus. I also went through the same thing when in ICU and talking with a priest that I asked the nurse to see again to thank him. She said there was no priest I argued she had to go get a doctor I demanded to see the priest and again the doctor said there was no priest and no priest came up to this floor. Another doctor came in I was arguing just like you. I remember it like it was yesterday I was lying on a bed in hospital and the priest leaned down and looked at me, I said father I don’t want to die he put his hand on my shoulder in a tender way and said “My child you will not die” . I fell asleep so I thought. I drowned and when I woke up they told me they almost lost me I was 25 now I’m 53. Praise God Praise Jesus Christ. And thank you Howard for sharing your experience. I am so happy for you! God bless you always. 💞💜😇🤗. I also had another experience I ascended into a bright room all white and I was naked but when I looked down at my body it was the perfect body I’ve always wanted not getting into too much detail Jesus came out of nowhere and said in a young male voice ,” here put this around her she’s embarrassed.” A man had come into my bedroom and woke me and asked me to get up and take his hand he was the messenger who brought me there to whom Jesus was referring to. Thank you Howard everyone I hope will see this and realize we are all here for training to get to the next level. It’s so simple like you said, the only things that matter is our kindness, empathy, generosity and love we show each other. God loves all of us. 💜💜😇😇💗
  16. Eddie Arencibia
    • I heard this message I got so emotional thinking of my life how I’ve been such a failure towards my kids and my wife I’ve committed so much sin. I’m so scared and worried bout my destination, thank you sir for putting out this video I know it won’t be a eazy road but I feel that I can do this with the love of God u are a blessing


Delilah Rainelle


God is so beautiful. I nearly died giving birth to my son and he nearly died also because of the trauma. That night, the Lord sent an Angel to me. I was not delusional, or on any pain meds. I was totally awake with my newborn son lying beside me.

My family had finally gone home. I had rung for a nurse to help me to the bathroom, but none came. I decided to go it alone. I sat up on the side of my bed and unhooked the medication pole that held fluids and blood so that I could pull it with me. I was so weak that I had to lean against my bed to walk. Just as I neared the end of my bed, I felt a slight touch on my arm and this sweet, soft voice says,” Let me help you. You look so pale and weak.” And, I was and in fact, I felt faint and didn’t even bother to see who had suddenly ( in the dark) taken hold of me. She walked me to the bathroom and I went in. As I sat in the toilet she asked me if I needed any help, to which I replied that I was fine. As I opened the door, it was completely dark in the room and again she took hold of my arm and slowly helped me back to my bed where she tucked me in and adjusted my medication pole. She tucked the covers around and fluffed my pillow. She then commented on how beautiful my son was and bent down to kiss him.

I never was able to see her very well in the darkroom, but I could see her silhouette, especially when she sat down in front of the window. What I thought at the time to be moonlight, gently outlined her body. To this day I can see her sitting there with the moonlight casting a glow upon her.

As I lay there chatting with her, I talked about how my son and I nearly died. I was in a lot of pain physically, but my heart was so heavy because my husband was not a good man. He was so detached and distant from me and our son. I didn’t mean to, but I found myself softly crying and confiding to the ‘nurse’ sitting in my room that I was so sad, confused, and hurt that my husband had no interest in me or his new son. For the last 30 hours, I had fought to deliver our son. I developed severe complications. My doctor was out of town and the doctor attending me was very incompetent. Instead of performing a cesarean, she had tried to force my delivery. For 9 hours she had me pushing. There are no words to describe the pain I endured. I was in and out of consciousness. After the 8th hour, I finally asked for something for the pain but was told no, because I was in a weakened state and if they gave me anything for pain, the baby might die because it would stop his heart and his heartbeat was already slow. He was in distress and during all of this, my husband was in the cafeteria or floating around complaining that he had other things to do.

I had kept my feelings to myself, now I was pouring my heart out to this kind nurse. I remember her telling me not to worry, that everything would be ok. I remember all of the pain leaving me and how comforted and safe she made me feel. Then, I fell asleep.

I awoke to a room filled with sunshine. My newborn son had spent the night lying right beside me. Around 8:30 the morning nurse brought in my breakfast. I immediately inquired about the nurse who had spent the night with me. The morning nurse left saying she would find out who had been in my room. She returned saying that no one had been with me, but I insisted. Three times I sent her out to inquire about the night nurse and three times she returned with the same answer. No one had been in my room. Furthermore, they were short-handed during the night shift and no one had even been in my room to do a quick check.

I was so frustrated with them. What was their problem? Why couldn’t they figure out which nurse had been with me? It couldn’t be that difficult. Finally, I quit asking.

Later in the day, a new nurse came in to visit with me. My son was there in the bed beside me. She was commenting on how good he was doing and glad that we were both doing ok. She was commenting on how cute he was and then she said in a surprising tone of voice,” Well, you don’t see this every day.” She had her hand on his little head and said,” He has been kissed by an Angel,” and she pointed out a mark in his forehead that resembled lips. It was then that I knew who the mystery nurse was that had spent the night with us. She had leaned over and kissed my son on his forehead before going over and sitting down in the chair at the window. I began to think back carefully. I was never able to see any details, but I could easily describe her in part, because of the moonlight that glowed around her silhouette. Only, there hadn’t been any moonlight. It was November and a hard, cold rain had fallen throughout the night. There was no moon out. So, what caused the glow around her body? It couldn’t have been the glow from the moon.

I have never forgotten the day that my little son and I nearly died and there’s hardly a day that passes that I don’t think of the Angel of God who spent an entire night comforting us.

God is beautiful.

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