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  1. Why are Americans choosing to quit their jobs in record numbers?
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      • The United States is seeing its highest “quit rate” since the government started keeping track two decades ago.
      • Bill Whitaker speaks with employers who are scrambling to find help and people who left their jobs and aren’t looking back.
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      • Why are Americans choosing to quit their jobs in record numbers?
        Channel:- 60 Minutes
        Published On:- 2022-January-9th
        Added On:- 2022-January-21st


Video Comments

  1. Maria Brophy
    • This story is missing 2 important points: many quit their job due to medical mandates.
    • Also, how are so many people affording to live without jobs?
    • I wish these 2 obvious points would have been addressed.
  2. Nepthu
    • No media will admit this, but some of the mothers who left the workforce realized taking care of their children was more rewarding than the office grind.
  3. Harmony – Mind, Body, & Nature
    • I hope this time will allow people to lean into their purpose by pursuing work that’s meaningful for you or that allows you to live out your purpose. Quitting jobs and finding your calling.
  4. Dan Elicker
    • When I got injured on the job several years ago and was receiving workmans comp, I have to admit that I loved it. I loved being able to go to bed when I want and waking up when my body is rested. Plus having time to get things done at home that I had been neglecting. But what I loved most of all was not living my life by someone else’s standards. Not having a huge list of demands dumped on me by an ungrateful boss who treated me like a pathetic little peasant and was never satisfied with anything I did. Remember, people don’t leave jobs, they leave bosses.
  5. Schmuck This Out
    • I’ll applaud anybody who can walk away from a terribly toxic job despite the risks involved. I’m surprised that no one talks about poor management and having to watch their every word and action.
    • TrollinOn22s TrollinOn22s
      • I think the Pandemic plays a hugh part as why put your health at risk when you can find a job away from people.
  6. Sergio Gonzalez
    • Why would I keep working if I can’t pay my bills and keep falling deeper and deeper into debt? Even working 60+ hrs a week.
  7. powetthemc
    • I quit my job about 4 months back. I was working sixteen hours a day six days a week. Making really good money. Unfortunately my dad passed away and my job did not want to give me time off. I decide for my mental health and we’ll being to leave the job. They tried to convince me to stay but I knew they didn’t care about me at all. It was in my best interest to leave.
  8. Tammy Martin-Osman
    • As an overworked RN working with Covid patients I understand this, just left a big hospital chain in Indianapolis due to putting quantity over quality. I’m overworked but won’t leave my patients too long. Going back for a Practitioners license for more autonomy, to provide patient focused care and, more paid time off.
  9. Ja C
    • “Hiring for entry level job today!”
      “Must have 10-15 years experience and 5 certifications from 5 different countries”
      “$10.00/hour with future growth to $12.00 if you prove yourself in 5 years!”
      “Must be able to stand for 12 hours straight and any vacation or sick request will be half an occurrence”No one applies”OH MAN, these unemployed lazy people just DON’T want to work anymore!”
  10. ragejinraver
    • I remember working for a retail company for over 10 years . Which was my fault because I made the mistake of just being comfortable. But I finally quit because I found another job . And they looked at me like OK go . I was like wow not even a thank you . For missing out key moments of your life just to work for us
  11. Jun Z
    • in this difficult times, our collective resilience and hope are of its utmost importance. for childish issues like “who’s sorry now? ” i will not point a finger on anyone because everyone has been affected and there are always good employers and workers, in the same way that there are undesirable ones for both.
  12. Salaam Higgins
    • I was the head of office services on my job for 23yrs. The pandemic hit and everyone worked remotely but I was asked to go in twice a week throughout the pandemic. the company actually grew during this time. The office reopened in September with an average of 6-8 employees showing up per day out of 300+. I wanted at the very least to continue going into the office once or twice a week and I was turned down by management. Why must I go in 5 days a week for 8 people? So I’m leaving the job and now we’re relocating to Virginia and feeling very happy about doing so.
  13. Katarina Whitney Nelson
    • You completely missed the point of why people are quitting. They quit because they realize these corporations don’t care about us. Also, I find it odd that you didn’t interview any independent workers, you didn’t get any actual employees opinions. You need to interview service industry people, you know, the laborers the media (like you) label as “unskilled”.
  14. Chriis
    • I’m happy that people had the courage to move past a place where they didn’t feel comfortable. Lets acknowledge it and lets encourage trying something new!
  15. Ali Mcfly
    • The pandemic has killed the motivation in many people to continue working these jobs. Also the idea of entrepreneurship is growing in the minds of many and I think a lot of people would like to get back to actually knowing how to create things themselves. it’s not that we didn’t see it before but I think the pandemic has a lot to do with the change in the mindset of the collective.
  16. DW
    • Here in America employees are guilted for not covering every missed shift, guilted for taking sick days, guilted for taking breaks, guilted for taking a full lunch hour, guilted for taking a vacation, and when they do take vacation wonder if they have a job when they get back.
  17. Autumn Thomas
    • I think special areas like education and healthcare have different reasons for choosing to quit than some stated above. It has more to do with burnout (I know that was stated) and where do we go from here with students and patients. A lot of mothers (and fathers) switched to home schooling and saw a lot of value in that vs public education, even educators that left the workforce. Healthcare was mostly due to burnout and vaccine mandates. People in general are just different these days in general, its a different world and its hard to pinpoint how to go about work and life somewhat.
  18. Celathian Aaron
    • A great man named Cartman said a very long time, “They took our jobs!”
  19. Arminda
    • I think people really did a lot of thinking during the lockdown and realized that life is too short and too precious to be breaking your backs to be living and keeping up to certain standards. They turned around and decided to become minimalists by getting a smaller house and a more affordable car. They went from eating out too much to eating rice and beans and being happy. They chose happiness! Not to mention, lots of baby boomers retiring.
  20. Kitfox Eightzeroj
    • I was an IT Manager at CITI and retired 4 years ago. For the last several years we were encouraged to work remotely. Most of my work was via emails and conference calls even when I was in the office. Saved CITI a lot of money in office rent.

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