Al:- A good Friend, And A Better Man


Yesterday afternoon I called my man, Al.

I said Al, I need someone to go pick up a part for me.

He said, “Daniel, I am not really feeling like going nowhere today, but I will do it tomorrow“.

I said OK.


No One Else?

Here I am leaning on Al, because I know I have no one else.


  1. Big Family
  2. Bred & Rooted


Big Family

I come from and belong to a big family.

My working group is within that family.

We don’t reach out much outside of the family.

Bred & Rooted

Both my family and his are rooted in the same thing.

We believe in God, and we know he saves and redeems.




  1. Best Neighborhood
    • Jacked up & Punked
  2. Work
  3. Worship
  4. Know & Care


Best Neighborhood

Unfortunately, we don’t harbor in the best neighborhood.


Jacked Up & Punked

A few weeks ago, Al and I were together.

We were spending time.

On our way back from the store, we got jacked and punked.

I felt some kind of way about it.

But, Al made sure we stayed with and within our word.

We paid up.



Later Al came back a couple of weeks later.

He said he spoke to others about the situation.

And, the men on the other side are usually weaponed.

Believe me, things could have gone sideways.

Real Quick.

So yes, you feel some kind of way about it.

You paid up and let go of some money you were saving for something else.

But, yo family!

It was between the money and your life.

Unbeknownst to you.



It is always good to be able to work on projects with family and friends.

Al can work in harmony and silence.


Respecting each other space.



We have attended worship together.


Know & Care

We know and care for each other’s families.



Along with the 8 billion citizens of this world, we call home, we are going through Covid.

Lost family members.

Mourned their loss.

Masked up.

Staying off the streets.

And, out the way.


May father God continue to show love, care, and favor to those who are loyal.

Those who keep to their word.

Those who actually care.

Before they even ask, father God be the whisperer that you are.

Be the quiet voice that saves, strengthens, and steadies your people.

Be the incomparable God.

Be the tender provider.

Till the soil around them.

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