Paternity Court:- Mr. Griffin, “On Taken A Loss”


  1. Thomas/Fields v. Armster/Griffin
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      • Thomas/Fields v. Armster/Griffin – A woman from College Park, GA claims her son is the victim of a “paternity trap” – so she has demanded a paternity test on her son’s alleged baby.
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      • Listen To Momma: Woman Says Her Son Is Victim Of “Paternity Trap” ​(Full Episode) | Paternity Court
        Channel:- Paternity Court
        Published On:- 2022-January-13th
        Added On:- 2022-January-17th
    • Participants
      • Unique Armster
        • Kamren ( Son )
      • Karl “Jason” Griffin
    • Location
      • College Park, Georgia


Thomas/Fields v. Armster/Griffin

  1. Unique Armster ( Mother )
    • Pop Up
      • It wasn’t a pop-up, we was broken up
  2. Ms. Thomas ( GrandMother ??? )
    • Hairline
      • Look at that baby hairline
  3. Mr. Griffin ( Father ??? )
    • I have done everything for him
    • I will do everything for him
    • I will still wanna be there for him
  4. Evelyn Fields ( Aunty ??? )
    • Took Her In
      • Took her in when she was 6 months pregnant
      • As a woman, I will want to see her do well
      • If that is my nephew, I will step up and help raise my nephew
      • On top of that, I will want my brother to step up and take care of his responsibility
    • Be There
      • On behalf of my family, we will be there


Video Comments

Thomas/Fields v. Armster/Griffin

  1. EDH
    • I never thought I’d see the day where the man in the situation is the most mature. Wish the best for him and lord bless that baby
    • James Sutton
      • The sister was next in line & his mother, I think she was really looking out for her son’s best interest. He’s about to straighten out his education & career. If he had signed that birth certificate, he would’ve been obligated to that child unless the court had mercy on him. For now, he can be there for the child on his own merit & terms. I wish them the best, especially the baby- he’s the most innocent one!🙏🏿
  2. bailbaby. Vu
    • ” You are not the father ” – Mom claps…
      Daughter – mom don’t do that I loved the daughter for that !💜 That mother was wrong ASF!!! For clapping 💔
  3. Moka LARE
    • 15:31 the mom was so happy she couldn’t help but show her joy.
    • Then, her daughter called her to order « Mom don’t do that » and she pulled herself together.
    • My hats off to the young man, very gentleman-like. He spoke like a real man and didn’t disrespect the mother of the baby or his mom and auntie. I wish them all the best.
  5. Jerrylin McGill
    • As a previous teen mother, I want to give the girl the benefit of the doubt and say she is holding up a wall despite her actions. However, I am very pleased at the young man’s diction and demeanor. He is blinded by love and doesn’t see that this is an opportunity to move forward in the right direction. This young lady is definitely a set back for him. He can still take care of the baby but move on with his life.
  6. Devin Alexander Fairrow
    • This poor young lady was FAILED and is lost. Lord, I’m praying for her. And her son especially. Lord be their fence 🙏🏾
      Mr. Griffin is an amazing young man. And so is his big sis. Wow. Their mom needs more home training tho 🤨
  7. J Lew
    • First and foremost, she needs to pick a struggle because she has entirely too much going on. The attitude, the lying, the cheating, the eye…
  8. Mobina Shamsadini
    • I couldn’t appreciate a young gentleman more, the way he was honest and he had tolerated this situation for a long time is obviously something lots of older men wouldn’t be able to do
  9. Kathleen Conte
    • Judge a little harsh. Blind Freddy can see she is a sandwich short of a picnic. ( Link )
      It would have been wise to not only teach her parenting skills but to teach her how not to be used by the vultures in her neighborhood.
  10. Genise
    • You can tell he really loves that baby. He seems so caring, I hope he doesn’t let the toxic people around him take that away.
  11. Jason Boy
    • People are supposed to trust the person they lay down with. Well, that goes out the window when you see the lies.
  12. Rikita Prince
    • You could look at that baby and tell. That man needs to gone on & find him someone that values him. He’s a respectable young man that deserves more.
  13. Brandeis McGuire
    • Lil miss is/was sleeping around for a roof, and the momma KNEW it. While that is sad, it doesn’t mean she’s free of accountability. The son is sweet but slow because Helen Keller could see that wasn’t his baby. I hope Ms. Armster breaks the cycle, but something about her attitude leads me to believe that she won’t 😔
  14. kalu stephen eke
    • “Mum don’t do that”. Most beautiful moment for me
  15. Jeremie Anderson
    • How she gonna say she don’t trust them when she proved them right. 🤔🤔🤔 Find your baby daddy miss, he’s young and may change his mind about being around.
  16. Cortez L White
    • When Judge Lake said to the grandmother “You said you raised your son to an upstanding man and he speaks well buy yet he’s with Ms. Thomas“. I screamed 😂😂😂💀💀💀💀
  17. King Larnett
    • Dang she lied to him without remorse, he should rebuild his life alone and find someone that will cherish how good he is. Sad some people could lie like it’s nothing
  18. Esmelin Taylor
    • SON, I love how you are talking and your attitude about your girlfriend, you truly love her 🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤👏👏👏👑👑👑
  19. Jack Harris
    • Young man you dodged a bullet, go to school and protect your seed at all cost. let her find her baby daddy and you build for your future
  20. Amarilis
    • I feel like this young girl probably didn’t feel worthy of a good man until she met this young man. She probably was sleeping around with whomever because that attention was enough for her. Ladies, you’re worth more than what’s between your legs, I promise you. There’s someone out there that would treat you like a queen.
  21. Bigg Meech
    • Cuz tell me those aren’t trifocals 😳 shawty looking at the plaintiff and the defendants 😂😂😂😂
  22. Rose’s Chronicles
    • What a sorry state of affairs that woman’s mind is in. The baby is gorgeous but he isn’t that boy’s son. I feel ashamed for this lady sticking to her guns over obvious lies. Hopefully, this boy will go back to college and better himself.
  23. ReddByrde
    • If his family is so upset with that woman that they believed she had no formula for that baby and didn’t offer to provide some, they’re just as bad as they say she is. How do you see a BABY go hungry and not offer to help?? I don’t care who the mother is, I couldn’t have done that! The son was the most mature person there. Young man, please stay in that baby’s life because you’re the best (and only) chance he has of learning to live right.
  24. tdot
    • I won’t be surprised in a few years seeing these folk again.
      Ladies, you cannot teach your son the pull-out game. He needs a dad.
  25. Your’s Truly Tron
    • No judgment here.  She has layers of things going on in her life.  How did she become homeless? Where are her parents?  An older guy possibly taking advantage of her vulnerability, etc.  I think she reacted and said she doesn’t trust them around her son is because her son may be all she has, and the mother threatened to “take her son away”(full custody).  Idk she needs some real guidance, and I hope she and her son are doing well.

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