Apostle Arome Osayi:- Fear of God


Fear of God

  1. I once asked for the mantle of Archbishop Benson Idahosa_Apostle Arome Osayi
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      • I once asked for the mantle of Archbishop Benson Idahosa_Apostle Arome Osayi
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        Published On:- 2021-November-6th
        Added On:- 2022-January-13th


Fear of God

I once asked for the mantle of Archbishop Benson Idahosa_Apostle Arome Osayi

  1. Authority over the lives
    • The problem with men is that they do not have authority over their lives
  2. Marriage
    • Do not marry a man who no one can say sit down and he will still down
    • He is a rolling stone
    • He will lead you and your unborn children to destruction
    • Upon doing so, he will light a cigarette.  And, he will feel high
    • The man you should marry is that man that another person can tell sitdown
    • Even though he does not like to be told so, he can not deny the person’s authority to say to him “Sit Down
    • If you fail to marry someone that says sit down, we have already created and assigned a seat for you in the counseling section.
    • As you will need counseling
  3. Holiness
    • When you are about to make a big mistake, God will get in and use your fear of him
    • Reverence for his name and awe of his holiness
    • These actions on his part will immobilize you and you can not escape
  4.  Wisdom
    • God cannot give you wisdom until he has given you his fear
    • The things you are asking for will destroy you
    • Wisdom will make you visible.
    • God will be unable to restrain you
    • Outside of Fearing God, you will not be able to properly manage wisdom
    • The attraction and attention that the kingdom of Darkness will have on your life can destroy you
    • “Anything that promotes you exposes you to the possibility of corruption”…
  5. Anointing
    • We prayed for God’s anointing
    • We prayed to be able to be like Benson Idahosa
    • God will minister his fear
    • God will be able to manipulate you
    • Rather than to release you into sin that will take over your soul, God will place his fear in your heart
    • That fear will make the sin detestable to you
  6. Holy Ghost
    • When a man can be manipulated by the Holy Ghost, the man can not be destroyed
  7. Promotion
    • Anything that promotes you in the spiritual or sacred world exposes you to the possibility of corruption
    • If God cannot restrain you, you are dead upon arrival
  8. Pastors Conference
    • In those days, we will attend Pastors Conference in Kaduna, Calabar
    • Men will come with their wives
    • Yet, contractors will still be available to supply additional women
    • They will ask, “Do you want the fat one?”
    • That is, just because you are wearing a black outfit does not place you outside of the scope of being seduced
    • If God does not protect you, you are dead
  9. Ask God
    • Can we ask God to place a bountiful measure of his fear in our lives
    • That is the regulator that sustains us

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