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  1. Trick Interview – Kenny
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      • Soft White Underbelly interview and portrait of Kenny, a trick to some of the prostitutes in South Central Los Angeles.
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        Published On:- 2022-January-11th
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Video Transcripts

Trick Interview – Kenny

    1. Born
      • Jackson, Mississippi
    2. Difference between Jackson and LA
      • LA
        • Arrived:- 1992-December-25th
        • Differences
          • Fast
          • A lot of drugs
          • Very disrespectful
      • South Central, LA
        • Cold City to Live In
        • A lot of Violence
        • Lots of Snakes
        • They are going to get you however it takes to get you
    3. Work History
      • Income Tax
        • First Income Tax was taken for Child Support
        • Since 1993, I have not worked again
    4. Support Yourself
      • I hustle
      • I will go into one detail, the other stuff, I will not go into
      • Transportation
    5. Drugs
      • Primo
        • A joint or blunt containing both marijuana and cocaine.
    6. Los Angeles
      • Drugs
        • Get higher and higher
      • Women
        • They do not help the situation any
        • If I have $800
          • $300 on the dope
          • The women take the rest of it
          • I never get the chance to enjoy the drugs
    7. Drugs
      • Drugs, Cracks, is about a feeling
      • You get a higher
      • Sex comes with it
      • Once I took that hit, I am thinking about the white girl
      • I am ready now
      • I just pull on up
      • Asked her, “Are you the Police?”
    8. How much you spend
      • I spend $100 and $150 as I just started back making a little bit of money
      • We can go back 2 years, 3 years, 4 years, or 10 years ago
      • I will give them $400 or $500 dollars
      • Cause I treat them nice
      • These dudes in LA give them $50 and $100 and turn back around and take their money back
    9. Trust
      • The trust out here is bad
      • You cannot trust anybody here in LA
    10. Employment Headache
      • Mark
        • Most jobs you will quit if you have been through so much
        • But, not these girls, out here
        • They go right back to it
      • Kenny
        • These guys don’t take a shower
        • You, the girl,  have to have some kind of drug in your system, to be out there
    11. Make Money To Spend It
      • As for me, I got a hotel room
      • Got some drugs and a chick
      • But, I cannot even enjoy the chick as I am too busy smoking the dope
    12. Stolen From
      • My van got broken into
      • They stole all my clothes and shoes
      • They stole my laptop
      • My printer
      • That is how I eat
      • That is all I know
      • After I stopped selling drugs, all I know is that paper day
    13. Hard
      • These last 6 to 7 months have been hard
      • These last 3 weeks have been a bit better
      • I see the light coming, though
    14. Friends
      • No Friends
      • No Friends, that is the coldest part
      • Not a one
    15. Trust
      • Trust a mother____ in LA if you want to
      • You will never make it
      • You will never make it men Drugs
    16. It is hard because the drugs out here is so good
      • The crack is so good, you get your money’s worth
      • That is why
      • That is what makes it a little harder on you
      • Many Times
    17. But, like I said, I have been through this before
      • It is not my first time
      • It is not my second
      • It is not my third
      • But, this time, it is taken a little longer
      • For whatever reason
    18. Confluence of Things
        • Because me using drugs
        • Me going through a divorce
        • Is Crazy
    19. Transportation
      • I don’t even have transportation right now
      • I paid a man $500 to fix my car
      • I went back and got my $500
      • Why? I wanted to get high
      • The money was gone in 4 to 5 hours
    20. Hotel Room
      • I spent about $100
      • Broad got the rest of it
      • Got left in a hotel room
      • Cold Game Men
    21. Beat Up
      • Most of these negroes in LA will beat a broad up
      • Welcome to LA men
      • Cold City
      • It is Cold City, Men

Video Comments

Trick Interview – Kenny

    1. Tobie One
      • Mark, I’m getting married soon. Would love to hear your wisdom on what you’ve learned over your years on marriage and what it takes to make a successful marriage. You seem like such a good hearted, patient, loving man. That it surprised me to hear you say you too are divorced after 17 years. Just made me think of someone with your great qualities and well off financially wanted out, will I survive?? Sorry it’s a random question just feels like the closer I get to getting married the more friends and people I admire get divorced or are divorced.
      • Soft White Underbelly
        • YouTube comment section is definitely not the place to have this conversation, but here goes…I think if we take care of our mental health and stay on a straight path with our work, our heart and try to be someone that our partner feels lucky to have in their lives there’s a great chance we’ll remain inspiring and attractive to our spouse. With these things in place, we can better change, adapt and grow old together as a couple. The more we’re able to unconditionally love ourselves, the more we’ll be able to love our partners regardless of what they’re going through. I’ll add that the amount of hard work, courage, and patience we think we’ll need to accomplish a task is roughly ten times greater than what we expect. This is a very oversimplified version of my thoughts on marriage. Just have tons of courage, work harder than your partner and pray for luck and you’ll both be happy for a long time. Our hormones get us into this and our strength and courage are what makes it last.
      • Laura Carpenter
        • One of my favorite guys you have interviewed! He was real and truthful, something different about him.
    2. Robyn Ragone
      • I can only speak from my own experience but watching somebody addicted to crack try to get hard is absolutely the most unbelievably bizarre situation they know it’s not gonna happen but they will not give up they will hold you fucking hostage It’s fucking awful.
    3. McVic
      • It’s so strange, you take people who’ve done some bad things to others and to themselves and you help so many people see the good in them, and the human side in them. I feel a lot of times people see other people out on the streets but don’t really SEE people you know? There’s no human connection or sympathy. But your videos really change the way a lot of us watching look at people who are struggling.
      • This came to mind because I see a lot of commenters frustrated with people saying he’s a good guy or a sincere guy and whatnot, but I just wanted to say that you are a really amazing interviewer and im so glad this channel exists
    4. U.N. Own
      • I don’t understand how he can look so good living like that for so long. When I clicked the thumbnail I thought he was a regular guy who went to to prostitutes, not a life long drug abuser/street person. Amazing.

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