They said “He never moves in haste”


Family, I will like to bear a testimony this Sunday morning.



My bride and I were going over a few things earlier this week.

She shared with me she will like to do something for her sister and her kids.

They have not been feeling well and she wanted to be a bit more supportive.


Sister In Law

I let it stay a few days to allow her sister to mend a bit.

Post my wait, I reached out to my sister-in-law.

I inquired as to whether she is feeling better.

She said she takes a few steps towards strength, yet she has setbacks, as well.

I asked how I can help.

She opened up a bit more as to other pain points.

I am going through a similar vexing situation and so it must be a specially and specifically crafted doubt to stumble the saints in this season.

She did not have to say more.

As my girl likes to say “Say no more“.




As my sister-in-law shared with me how our God is preparing her through teaching how to take care of what she is being purposed for and in, my soul joyed in her.

She said she is growing more understanding of what the old folks say.

And, that is that “He does not move in haste“.



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Beloved, may the Lord, our God, be our builder and preparer.

May he be our sustainer and hope.

May he be our pruner.



I have been wanting to get this out for a few days here.

When family share with me, I always reflect on their words.

I say God here someone entrusted me with words and hopes.

I further how should I and the body of God enjoin them in the watching over that sacrifice.

I know her deeds outweigh her words.

I know the spirit of God belies her plainness.

May the spirit of God grow in its indwelling.

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