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          Channel:- Soft White Underbelly
          Date Published:- 2020-February-22nd
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  1. Prostitute interview-Exotic
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      • Soft White Underbelly interview and portrait of Exotic, a prostitute on Figueroa Street in South Central Los Angeles.
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        Channel:- Soft White Underbelly
        Published On:- 2021-October-30th
        Added On:- 2021-December-9th
  2. Exotic AKA Asriah (follow up)
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      • Soft White Underbelly follow up interview and portrait of Exotic AKA Asriah, a prostitute in South Central Los Angeles.
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        Channel:- Soft White Underbelly
        Published On:- 2021-December-8th
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  3. Asriah AKA “Exotic” (January, 2022 update)
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        Channel:- Soft White Underbelly
        Published On:- 2022-January-8th
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  4. Asriah AKA “Exotic”-June 2022
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      • Soft White Underbelly update interview and portrait of Asriah AKA “Exotic”, a prostitute on Figueroa Street in South Central Los Angeles.
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        Channel:- Soft White Underbelly
        Published On:- 2022-January-26th
        Added On:- 2022-June-26th

Video Transcripts

Asriah AKA “Exotic” (January 2022 update)

  1. Fly
    • LifeStyle
      • It is hard to get out of this lifestyle, once you are in it, you are in it
      • It is hard to shake it, but I am trying

Video Comments

Asriah AKA “Exotic” (January 2022 update)

  1. Soft White Underbelly
    • Asriah’s story gives a good glimpse into how human trafficking often happens. It’s not just that the gorilla pimps intimidate or force the women to do what they want. It’s also that the women will run back to their pimps even when given an opportunity to getaway. Without grasping this you’ll never fully understand this subculture. Low self-worth is what makes these women complicit in what is so upsetting to many of us. An uninformed observer simply blames the pimp. A more enlightened one realizes that the relationship a girl had (or didn’t have) with her father will determine her ability to know a hustler from a good man and be attracted to the latter, hopefully. Asriah’s heartbreaking story perfectly illustrates the purpose of my channel, which is to teach parents, and in this case, fathers the importance of being in their daughters’ lives and to be examples of the kind of man they should want in their lives. Sadly, Asriah never had that.
  2. Elfin 27
    • I am a former social worker and current teacher of at-risk and incarcerated adolescents and adults. I’m hoping that this situation and outcome lead to a different approach to helping the individuals in this series. I too care deeply about this population, and there are many programs that focus on a constellation of interventions to facilitate rehabilitation and reintegration. Many individuals don’t automatically possess the psychological, emotional, interpersonal, and vocational resources to transition successfully without specific tools and interventions. I believe you’re in LA, which probably has many resources that could work with you. Good luck.
  3. Ritchie May
    • It was nice to hear how much Mark try’s to help, even when he knows he’s being scammed. I worry he will be hurt trying to heal these injured peoples lives, but that’s what real Heroes do they try to save and protect at their own risk, in danger of being hurt, in this case not just physically but emotionally too. Mark deserves a medal, but I would guess like most Heroes he would just say he was trying to do the right thing. it gives everyone hope that there’s people like him out there.
      Thank you Mark
  4. tb
    • been subbed for about 2 years now. this was by far the most disappointing story but only because of how good Asriah was at making it seem like she was receptive of the help that was being given to her. I knew from the first episode that she was off. Pretty face (for the street’s standard), sweet voice, is a mother in need right? had us all hooked on the “ Help Exotic train” but for what really ? a 23 year old woman who’s been in this life for 10+ years , why would we expect her to understand any weight of a situation besides her risking her life to fulfill her quota, or things of that sort. It truly sucks that mark has to experience this type of shit onna regular from people he seems to genuinely give a fuck about. Save that money Mark. This channel is huge but there is so much more possible for you down the road. Just as you try to support these people, we as viewers will continue to support YOU. much love
  5. Push Through The Wall
    • I helped my ex girlfriend go from a job that paid her $800/month to a job that paid her $800/week, as well as helped her find a good car to buy, how to budget and save money, and was there for her emotionally in every way possible, and turned out she had cheated on me for the last year of our 3 year relationship with a registered pedophile who was over a decade older than either of us. Not telling this story as a “boo hoo, woah is me” type of thing, but just to reinforce the fact that alot of times it doesn’t matter what you do or offer people, they will use you for all that you have and not give two shits about it either. I’m glad I learned this earlier rather than later.
  6. Imran Haq
    • You can tell from your voice Mark that this is hurting you immensely. I’m from a family of drug addicts, suffering the most horrific life circumstances. You can offer help and support, and they will take and take, but they are not willing to help themselves. Their low-self worth always brings with it, incredible selfishness. You cannot save people from themselves. Thank you again for sharing your work, your experiences and the experiences of all these people’s tragic lives. There are no winners, only pain and suffering, but Mark, you are a shining light in this world of darkness.
  7. R L
    • Unfortunately not everyone has the same heart and intentions my man, and take kindness as a weakness. You’re a real one and I hope this doesn’t discourage you from being so selfless and caring. Keep killing it 💙
  8. justinluv
    • Sadly not the update I was hoping for, but I appreciate the honest update nonetheless. I was really rooting for her; she and her story lodged in my brain and my heart like no one else on your channel had. You are a very kind and patient and understanding person, Mark. I know this won’t turn you off of still trying to help others in the future, the way that it would some.
  9. Yah1st Camplin
    • Mark, you sound devastated. It breaks my heart so deeply to hear this pain in your voice. Mark, please…. Stay strong. Keep being you with your amazing heart and spirit and art that has captured so many. Never forget the help you’ve given so many of us (daily)… we love you Mark.
  10. angelhoneystarlight
    • You can really hear the heartbeat in Mark’s voice, so devastating. I just hope the kids can be saved in all of this. As a single mother, I understand the pain of Exotic, however, her children did not ask for this lifestyle. All the best and healing throughout all this. God bless you Mark, Take care Asriah
  11. Mahlatsi Hlongwane
    • This is sad and unfortunate and there’s definitely no judgement considering her tough background. Having said that, I feel she blew up an opportunity that was going to turn her life around positively. Her silence right now is way different from the previous video where she spoke eloquently about wanting to improve her life and that if her children. One has to wonder about how genuine some of the people Mark helps are or whether they just aren’t ready to make right choices. Asriah doesn’t even apologize here (no remorse for taking advantage of kindness). That’s just my perception. Nevertheless I wish her and others like her to one day see the light. Bless you Mark for the amazing work and may you never tire.
  12. Marcus Turdwell
    • I met girls like her when I lived in children’s homes. They know they’re being exploited but they fear loneliness 😔
  13. Jaz C
    • I am so incredibly saddened about this. Mark didn’t only just “help” Asriah and her children, he went beyond that to change her (their) life just to see that the light on the other end wasn’t reciprocated in the way it was intended.
      God Bless you Mark-do not let this discourage your purpose. 💙
  14. Makenzie Hallie
    • As a heroin addict in long-term recovery, this is super frustrating to watch. I SHUDDER to think what I would have done with someone paying my bills and handing me ANY cash never mind A RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF CASH ON THE DAILY in my first YEAR of steady sobriety. I am sorry Mark but this is not it. This is insanity. We are very well aware of what we do.
  15. The Lawn Care Nut
    • It’s really sad seeing how damaged people can be.
  16. Emily Davis
    • Extremely powerful interview. Felt this in my soul.
  17. Wylde Bore
    • Continuing to show compassion to both of them is the most remarkable aspect of this entire series, imo. Congratulations on that, it is the rarest success, and at the same time the most fundamental.
  18. William Fetters
    • Damn. This one was a Heartbreaker. It seemed like she was really on the right track.
      I just can’t imagine how difficult it is for a girl like her to change up & leave EVERYTHING she’s ever known to live, secluded in the mountains with nobody. You know it’s gotta be impossible for her to make normal friends and start a normal life with her tats and crap. That’s not fair, but it’s life. No one to talk to, everyone staring all the time, and nothing to do but sit their and be in her own head.
      Idle hands are the devils plaything.
      She makes one call, one day when the loneliness overwhelms her and that’s all this dude needs to not only get her back to the old life but get her to take this unbelievable, life-changing opportunity she has and turn it into his own payday.
      Her entire demeanor is completely different from the other two videos. Just the look on her face, especially when the dude steps into the video, it’s heartbreaking and disappointing.
      This just shows it take more than money and a change of location to fix this problem.
      She needs education, or some type of career opportunity that puts her in different circles. Then she can truly change her life.
  19. Spectra Amunari
    • Crying watching this.
      I grew up in domestic violence, drugs, adultery, incest, murders and so much toxicity. I am still affected by this but I got out of it and live a healthy and successful life. That being said, I can relate to the pull of dysfunctional, self sabotaging behaviors and people.
  20. Bribe
    • For anyone expecting a happily-ever-after on any of these stories, you are going to be disappointed. I believe Mark had already come to these conclusions, and he knows how people, addicts specifically, are. He’s said in the past that if anything these stories serve as a warning to the future. For those worried about Mark, this has not been his only negative experience, and I doubt he is giving people his last dollar to “save” them so he’ll be fine. I can’t say I know what the financials are, but he is paying them for their story which is content, and if he continues to do so and feature certain people it creates a storyline that people latch on to.
  21. Giulia Moro
    • I think this episode is the pure confirmation that no one can really help you but yourself. Other people’s help is useless unless you decide to accept it.
  22. Ellicott City
    • Comment
      • Mark’s pain is palpable. Having a kind heart isn’t always easy. *Edit – whether you agree or disagree with what Mark does/did the pain is still heard & felt in his voice.
    • Response
      • Carl For President Anthony
        • He just lost another piece of it… sadly because of her he now has to be more cautious and help less to protect the mission 🥲🥲
      • al swearengen
        • he’s enabling her, sadly. he has a good heart but it’s somewhat misplaced, giving her a shit load of money without verifying it. giftcards are better for this type of thing. if she doesn’t want help, he can’t help her; throwing money at her isn’t going to change her trauma, those synapses in her brain.
      • Tony Smith
        • Mark is naïve—-this girl PLAYED HIM. She saw a literal MARK and and it was him. He got played and now he is in denial. He can’t even admit that she did it to him, claiming she’s under someone else’s control. Right. Her and her pimp both played his silly ass. He got fooled by her cuteish face and/or sob story. She saw an older white man with money and saw that he had a bleeding heart for a lost gang affiliate….
      • Black Silverchair
        • @Tony Smith exactly. He is in denial and still believes she is under the control of her pimp. She’s actually the planner and perpetrator of the entire scam. This was the original plan right from the first interview.
    • Ashley Grant
    • I appreciate the generosity the photographer is extending and what comes across as a sincere desire and effort to help. Having said this, I can’t help but see this as a type of exploitation. Furthermore, setting someone up with the money, a new place, a plan, seems fine on the surface. But the depth of trauma, plus social and economic circumstances (like ZERO family support) almost assured that this person is being set up to fail. Without proper supports in place, this woman is doomed and destined to fail. Every card is stacked against her. One person offering financial aid and a location change is unfortunately not going to be sufficient. This woman has been brutally victimized her whole life. She needs more than a fresh start to turn things around. She likely needs healing, belonging, mental health and trauma counseling, education, childcare, etc. I just can’t help but feel heartbroken for her because she has yet again failed and blew a huge opportunity, but I feel that not enough scaffolding was in place in order to succeed. Now she has new feelings of shame and failure to suffer from. I don’t blame the photographer for pulling out, but it just seems so obvious to me that this would be the outcome. Maybe there were resources provided that I’m not aware of, but something about this whole situation doesn’t sit right with me. I feel like, despite the best of intentions, this person was objectified and discarded, repeating the only cycle she has ever known. It is totally tragic.




I talk about it all the time.

Life in ministry is hard.

Many came to be passersby.

They are not trying to help nobody.

They feed on hearing the stories.


Addiction is hard.

It will take you many places.


Lying is the carrier.


Prayers to men like Mark.

Just trying to help.

May God continue to cover him.

Family when you see something amiss, speak up, pray up.

Stand with these men and women.

When you choose to stay silent, you place these men in danger, as well.

You are complicit.

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