First Lady Victoria Nicole Hooks


Sometimes when it is got to be said.

Please have a sister say it.



  1. First Lady Victoria Nicole Hooks: My Ex-Husband Who is A Pastor Cheated On Me With Many Men
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        Channel:- Official King Jives
        Date Published:- 2020-December-29th
        Date Added:- 2022-January-4th


  1. Ashamed ( Segment 13 )
    • You do not what it is like to be ashamed
  2. Lying Spirit
    • Call me and tell me, God is gotta do this
    • God is gonna do that
    • No shut-up, you lying spirit
  3. Anointed
    • Those of you who are anointed to preachers, it has nothing to do with being a pastor, it has everything to do with being a man
    • Yes, he was anointed
    • Yes, he could prophecy
    • He could prophesy from back to back
  4. Kids
    • I tell my kids when somebody do something wrong to you, you talk about it
    • When it is gotta be said, “Use your Big Kid Voice and Tak About It
  5. Men
    • I had men walk up to me
    • And, said I slept with your husband
    • Don’t come to talk to me
    • You slept with him
    • Not me
    • If you care about me, you would never have done what you did
      • You knew I was married
      • Period
    • You knew I was married
    • I had to get clearance when the holy spirit said to speak, I speak
    • He is a man of God
    • Don’t care about him being a man of God
    • When a man don’t want to be delivered, there is nothing you can do about it
  6. Love the Pastor, More than you love the first lady
    • A lot of you, love the pastor, more than the first lady
    • You love the pastor, more than the first lady praying for him
  7. Trust God ( Segment 42 Minutes )
    • Trust God
    • It is not going to go on your credit
    • That was another lie, it surely went on my credit

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