SW:- A Friend And A Christian


A good friend of mine, SW, called me bright and early this morning.

Around 6:30 AM my time.


She inquired as to how I am doing.

How things are going for me.

I replied truthfully that things are well.

Caught me up

She next followed me up to the actual reason for her call.

There is a young man.

She met him online as they have the same friends.

They met through social media.

She shared with me their time together.

Going out to dinner and the sorts.



Now later, she is starting to feel unease.

Her unease is both spiritual and earthly.


  1. His spiritual governance


  1. His management
    • How he manages his finances
  2. Social Habits
    • His social habits
  3. Body Management
    • How he manages his body



As she shared deeply, I shared my thoughts with her.

Spiritual Gifts

Part of her spiritual gifting is to look at a photo and read a man.

She asked whether it is OK to send his picture to me.

I said No, as I already have what I needed from her full explanation.



She Shared More

She opened more.

She opened up more about how she almost got caught in his trappings.

After about 15 minutes more of dialogue, she offered his photos again.

I said OK.



Her Read

Here is her read of him:-

  1. Drinks
    • He drinks a lot
  2. Showy
    • He is a bit showy
  3. Wound
    • He has wounds


My Read

  1. Pride
    • He is dealing with pride
    • “This is me”
    • This is “What I look like
    • I am God’s gift
  2. Sleeping
    • He is not sleeping enough
    • He is not resting


Spiritual Assessment

  1. Prayer
    • Please have people who care about you pray for you
  2.  Pride
    • Deal with your issue of pride
    • Pride is what led to Devil’s downfall
    • And, it is one of his chief’s instruments against us
  3. Covetousness
    • Deal with covetousness in your life
    • Take account of what God has given you
    • Take account of what God has given others
    • Keep a good and nice line between yours and others
  4. Boundary
    • Please understand that God will only give you so much time to play back and forth
    • Eventually, he will pull back your Guiding Angels
    • God will eventually release you into your season of temptation

God’s Love


Beloved.  Gentle Beloved.

God loves you so much.

God loves you so very much.

  1. Swallow you whole
    • Understand when the devil is trying to swallow you whole
  2. Timeline
    • Each of us has a timeline
    • Understand your timeline
  3. Susceptible
    • Please understand the areas of your life where you are susceptible
  4. Accuser of the Brethren
    • Understand your accuser
    • Your accuser has lost and he does not care one iota whether you lose, as well
    • He needs to capture as many as he can


Stewards, those called by his name, please take your calling seriously.

I do not know this man.

I and a good friend just burnt through two hours going over whether we agree in spirit as to the harm he is placing himself.

I am not a prayer person.

But, here I prayed for 7 to 10 minutes.

Just a bit for him.

But, more for her.

She is taking a loss and placing herself in harm’s way for his sake.


She is armored.

  1. Prayer Warrior
    • She is a prayer warrior
  2. Spiritual Warfare
    • Spirits
      • She confronts spirits
      • She asks their name and pulls them out
  3. Covering
    • She is under covering
    • When the spirit she is contending with is too strong she knows how to refer the needy person to more advanced spiritual warriors
  4. Educate & Test Yourself
    • Please know those who practice spiritual warfare in your local
    • Go spend time with them
    • Worship with them
    • Test them out
    • If they have gone in error, take them off your list

In this particular case, with this young man, she knows how long this will take to play out.

By 2024, the deeds will come home to roost.


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