Kay Flock


Family, keep young ones prayed for and not preyed on.

God is still able and still willing.


Let us quickly go over some of the terminologies that are used in some of the videos.

Word Meaning Links
Drill Drill is a style of trap music defined by its dark, violent, and nihilistic lyrical content and ominous trap-influenced beats. Link
Hands-On Something you do yourself
Opps The term and slang “Opps” was popularized in Chicago by Chicago drill rappers. “Opps” means Opposition or enemies. Opps is short for Opposition. Link
Moncler Jacket A typical Moncler jacket costs anywhere between $1000 and $2000. The most expensive is around $3,195. Link
Whip When steering wheels were first introduced to the automobile, it was called a whip. Whips were used to control horses drawing a buggy, so, since the steering wheel controlled the car, it was referred to as the whip. Link




Kay Flock

Kay Flock ( Music )

  1. Kay Flock- ‘Being Honest’ Remix (Ft G Herbo)
    • Profile
      • Watch the Official Video for the ‘Being Honest’ remix featuring G Herbo.
      • On Kay Flock’s latest project ‘The D.O.A. Tape’ ( https://kayflock.lnk.to/DOATape )
    •  Videos
      • Kay Flock- ‘Being Honest’ Remix (Ft G Herbo) [Official Video]
        Channel:- Kay Flock
        Published On:- 2021-November-4th
        Added On:- 2021-December-31st



Kay Flock

Insider Hotspot

  1. Kay Flock The Driller: Walking ‘Em Down
    • Videos
      • Kay Flock The Driller: Walking ‘Em Down
        Channel:- Insider Hotspot
        Published On:- 2021-December-25th
        Added On:- 2021-December-24th

Hip-Hop Daily

  1. The War in The Bronx: OGz vs. YGz vs. SevSide
    • Videos
      • The War in The Bronx: OGz vs. YGz vs. SevSide
        Channel:- Hip-Hop Daily
        Published On:- 2021-December-24th
        Added On:- 2021-December-26th

Stay Safe World

  1. Kay Flock Facetimed his OPP before Deadly Barbershop Shooting
    • Profile
      • Reaction to Kay Flock being arrested for a murder of a 24-year-old in New York.
    • Videos
      • Kay Flock Facetimed his OPP before Deadly Barbershop Shooting
        Channel:- Stay Safe World
        Published On:- 2021-December-24th
        Added On:- 2021-December-24th

FBG Duck

Trap Lore Ross

  1. The Murder of FBG Duck
    • Videos
      • The Murder of FBG Duck
        Channel:- Trap Lore Ross
        Published On:- 2021-November-23rd
        Added On:- 2021-December-26th

Video Comments

Kay Flock

Kay Flock- ‘Being Honest’ Remix (Ft G Herbo)

  1. India
    • Love how Herb don’t never try to take over ppl song but he adds the right amount of 🔥♥️

Stay Safe World

Kay Flock Facetimed his OPP before Deadly Barbershop Shooting

  1. Senze Wtf
    • Damn yall you know what I just realized. Kay Flock only went to the oppblock because his side chick lives there. Knowing he feels like the king of NY he prolly felt like “As long as I’m poled and masked up no one noticing me I’m good” so he didn’t mind walking. As rich as he is atm he probably couldn’t be asked to take no safer route or get no fancy car just to meet the side chick. But since he masked up he was definitely cautious at whoever was still concerned about a masked man hence why walking past the barbershop couple of them niggas were looking at him crazy while he walking past they were probs thinking who this nigga. That shit is normal in New York. Usually, you can get checked and go about your day if you are not involved in shit. Maybe there was strong eye contact between that group and Kay considering u can only see flocks eyes I can only assume Kay felt intimidated as he walked by hence why there was a mini stare down through the barbershop window. That’s when them other members came out probably to confront or g check Kay as they don’t even know who he is and he already been looking inside. When Kay came back it confirmed he was on some weird timing. At that point Kay gon establish himself in an enemy manor bc he feels disrespected, and the verbal going to take place at that point hence why Oscar got shot.
  2. Rational Reasoning
    • Couldn’t you tell this or some similar pathetic outcome was to be this boy’s reward? Low intelligence high aggression gets rewarded as a standard. His prize is some jail time. Wanted the world to see him, well we have as have the police. We got monsters walking amongst us…
  3. Rock With Fonz
    • I’m starting to believe that a lot of dudes are super gay because they’re willing to throw their lives away to be locked up around a bunch of dude’s smh
  4. Jon Doe87
    • I’m mad I didn’t have a cellmate as pretty as Kay Flock

FBG Duck

Trap Lore Ross

The Murder of FBG Duck

  1. Q Makes It Happen
    • Phenomenal journalism man, if you edit all this yourself that’s even more impressive. As a Chicagoan all I can do is pray. I’m a father of 2 and I pride myself on raising my children to stay out the street! To never have to rob, steal or sell anything illegal. To be leaders and focus on education and not only traditional but self. I’ll be in their lives and PRESENT to lead them in the best way I know how. This hurts me so much to constantly see my people wiping each other out like this.
      • Connor Bjornson
        • @Q Makes It Happen disagree all you want, but that doesn’t change that the American dream only exists because of centuries of forced labour. Go listen to prison song by SOAD.
      • Q Makes It Happen
        • @Connor Bjornson I’ve actually heard that song by System and they’re right to degree. That song is preaching to the choir for me. I appreciate your taste in music though.
      • xįrx
        • @Q Makes It Happen Q makes it happen, as in Qanon?
          Just curious about you channels name
      • Q Makes It Happen
        • @xįrx not at all lol I’m no way associated with that movement. I enjoy my peace of mind, though I like a good conspiracy theory. Life is too short to be worried and paranoid all the damn time. Q is short for Quinton and I make it happen by doing what I have to do to build wealth and help others do the same by documenting my journey to early retirement and a high quality of life.
    • Y’all see how he did an entire senior thesis, auto-biography, research dissertation and he’s never been to O-Block? These guys put everything and everybody on the internet. Snitch on themselves. Well done sir. 💪
      • Robthaworld
        • That’s why it’s so easy for cops to catch folks. And if they can’t get enough evidence from the artists then they’ll eventually find a opp that will snitch
  3. Brandon Mack
    • It took me an entire day to watch this but I’m glad I did. You are legit af in every way over covering this saga. This is by far the best video on the internet that involves any rivalry between gangs. You are in-depth & very aware of everything you’re speaking on. The amount of research & specific times of Instagram lives that took place is wild. 10/10! Sad story but you’re a very talented journalist. Keep it up. Long Live King Von! Long Live FBG Duck!
  4. JacQ Vocals
    • I watched every second of this even through the ads. RIP to the black warriors trapped in this country, taking out the frustrations on each other. Pray for us. A dying breed.
    • Determined Heretic
      • At this point, I am completely desensitized and if this doesn’t scream a cry for self-love and help from black men idk what does


Referenced Work

  1. Genuis
    • Kay Flock
      • Kay Flock – Being Honest Remix Lyrics

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