Crime & Psychics


There are some areas of life that are a bit under-reported in our modern world.

In this post, will touch on our law enforcement uses and in fact rely on criminologists, forensics, psychics, and those with second sights to replay and predict crimes.


“River Rat” Serial Killer

  1. How A Psychic Caught The “River Rat” Serial Killer | Psychic Investigators | Shiver
    • Profile
      • When an elderly woman is brutally murdered in her small-town Louisiana home. Police are at all loss and have no leads. A psychic in far-away Honolulu knows what the killer was wearing. How is this possible?
    • Videos
      • How A Psychic Caught The “River Rat” Serial Killer | Psychic Investigators | Shiver
        Channel:- Shiver – Paranormal Documentaries
        Published On:- 2021-December-23rd
        Added On:- 2021-December-24th

The Portland Strangler

  1. How A Clairvoyant Caught The Portland Strangler | Psychic Investigators | Shiver
    • Profile
      • A young mother disappears without a trace in Lake Oswego, Oregon. She’s has a fight with her husband and walked out. She’s missing and so is the family car. Police suspect the husband. A local psychic’s visions reveal there has been a murder. But will a partnership between the psychic and the cop put the killer behind bars
    • Videos
      • How A Clairvoyant Caught The Portland Strangler | Psychic Investigators | Shiver
        Channel:- Shiver – Paranormal Documentaries
        Published On:- 2021-September-16th
        Added On:- 2021-December-24th
    • Location
      • Portland, Oregon

The Time Walker

  1. Why Do Experts Call This Woman The TIME WALKER? | Psychic Investigators | Shiver
    • Profile
      • Newhaven, Connecticut, 1973. In broad daylight, a young woman is brutally murdered in a downtown parking garage. Witnesses see the suspect escape, forensics find a trail of evidence, including blood and fingerprints. But it’s not enough to capture the killer. Police turn to the help of the paranormal to help solve the case. A psychic’s cryptic clues create more questions than answers. But will they catch a murderer and bring solace to a town cloaked in fear?
    • Videos
      • Why Do Experts Call This Woman The TIME WALKER? | Psychic Investigators | Shiver
        Channel:- Shiver – Paranormal Documentaries
        Published On:- 2021-September-23rd
        Added On:- 2021-December-24th
    • Location
      • Newhaven, Connecticut


Murder of Jane Doe, Ravine in Pennsylvania

  1. How A Psychic SOLVED The Murder of Jane Doe | Psychic Investigators | Shiver
    • Profile
      • How could a psychic medium solve a cold case? In December 1984, the body of a murdered woman is found in a Pennsylvania ravine.
      • The case of Jane Doe was dormant until a cop and a psychic join forces. Can a clairvoyant’s mind map locate a killer and solve a 20-year-old murder?
    • Videos
      • How A Psychic SOLVED The Murder of Jane Doe | Psychic Investigators | Shiver
        Channel:- Shiver – Paranormal Documentaries
        Published On:- 2021-September-2nd
        Added On:- 2021-December-24th
    • Location
      • Pennsylvania ravine


Young Boy’s Abduction, Malverne Arkansas

  1. Psychic Believes This Man Is Behind A Young Boy’s Abduction | Psychic Investigators | Shiver
    • Profile
      • In Malverne, Arkansas the son of a local police investigator is abducted at knifepoint. But when a massive manhunt fails to find him, his parents desperately ask a psychic for help. Can the psychic find Tyson before it’s too late?
    • Videos
      • Psychic Believes This Man Is Behind A Young Boy’s Abduction | Psychic Investigators | Shiver
        Channel:- Shiver – Paranormal Documentaries
        Published On:- 2021-December-30th
        Added On:- 2021-December-30th
    • Location
      • Malverne, Arkansas




“River Rat” Serial Killer

  1. Others
    • Daniel Blank
      • Cyndi
        • Waitress

Portland Strangler

  1. Victim
    • Alexes Burke
      • John Burke ( Husband )
        • Kelly Burke ( Brother – Younger )
        • Julie ( Ex-Girlfriend )
  2. Police Investigation
    • Bob Lee
  3. Psychic
    • Laurie McQuary

The Time Walker

  1. Victim
    • Penny Sarah
      • John Sarah ( Father )
  2. Police Investigation
    • Matzo Kane
      • 17 years with New Haven Police Department
  3. Psychic
    • Mary Pascarella Downey
  4. Others
    • Grant Edwards
      • Profession:- Mechanic

Murder of Jane Doe, Ravine in Pennsylvania

  1. Victim
    • Margaret Calciano
      • Names
        • Jane Doe
        • Maggie Calciano
        • Margeret Gravassi ( married name )
      • Relationships
        • Joan Calciano ( Mother )
        • Joe Drezek ( Ex-Boyfriend )
  2. Police Investigation
    • Cumru Township Police
      • Detective Robert Wanner
    • New York Police Department ( NYPD )
  3. Psychic
    • Dr. Lauren Thibodeau
  4. Others
    • Peter Williams

Young Boy’s Abduction, Malverne, Arkansas

  1. Victim
    • Tyson Efird
      • Anita Efird ( Mother )
  2. Police Investigation
    • Arkansas State Police
      • Charles Hefner
  3. Psychic
    • Carol Pate
  4. Others
    • Kevin Scott




Portland Strangler

  1. Son
    • Down Syndrome
  2. Investigation
    • Proprietary Interest
      • Car
  3. Place
    • Bell’s Landing
      • Log Cabin
  4. Car
    • Larger & Older Car
  5. Grave
    • Shallow Grave
  6. Vision
    • Symbology
    • Teletype
  7. Investigation Tactics
    • Behavioral Analysis
  8. Psychic
    • 28 out of 30
    • Proposed Marriage
      • 18 years married

The Time Walker

  1. Psychometry
    • Psychic Reading Through An Object
  2. Energy Speaking
    • Walk into a house, you either get a good reading or not
    • Meet somebody you either get a good feeling about them or not
  3. Reading
    • Assailant
      • Job
        • Works in a garage
        • Uniform
          • E
      • Weight
        • 160 to 165 pound
    • Color
      • Blue
        • Parking Garage Was Blue
  4. Legal
    • The stature of limitation does not apply to murder
  5. Veterans Hospital
    • Day of Murder, Grant had visited nearby Veteran’s Hospital for a head injury
  6. LIved
    • Waterbury, Connecticut
  7. 26 years later arrested
  8. Father passed 8 months before assailant caught


Murder of Jane Doe, Ravine in Pennsylvania

  1. Crime
    • Incident:- December, 19th, 1984
  2. Crime Database
    • Alphas
  3. Physic Reading
    • Road
      • Highway 78
      • Brooklyn Bridge
    • Suspect
      • Profession
        • Truck Driver
        • Truck Stop
      • Repeat Killer
      • Sexual Abuser
  4. Drug Addiction
    • Cocaine
  5. Name Match
    • Peter
      • 555,864 Peters in the US
  6. Grave
    • Greenwood Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York, NY
  7. DNA
    • Every suspect is innocent until proven guilty
    • Because Peter Williams died before going to trial, his DNA can not be added to the National Database

Young Boy’s Abduction, Malverne, Arkansas

  1. Street
    • Ridge Road


In Words

The Time Walker

Mary Pascarella Downey

  1. Boundaries
    • We are not going to solve a crime
    • We can only give clues
    • A good psychic will only do what they are asked to do, nothing more and nothing else
  2. Blood/DNA
    • Don’t give up because Blood will tell
  3. John Sarah
    • John Sarah went to heaven and said God, “I need Penny’s murder solved”


Murder of Jane Doe, Ravine in Pennsylvania

Dr. Lauren Thibodeau

  1. How Psychic See Visions
    • Visually
    • Telepathic Auditory
    • Real Gut Sense
    • Field Feeling
      • From the skin out
      • Have a tingle
  2. Psychic Tooling
    • Stuck
      • People get stuck thinking because it is psychic, it is out there
    • Practical
      • Very practical
      • If this can help me solve a case, I will use it
    • Tool
      • It is a tool and not a solution
    • Boundary
      • Psychics do not solve a crime, police do that
    • Help
      • Where we can help is in pulling apart the wheat from the chaff


Detective Robert Wanner ( Cumru Township Police )

  1. Would we have solved the case without going to Dr. Lauren Thibodeau
    • No, it was meant to be
    • It happened for a reason




“River Rat” Serial Killer

John Leonard

Astra Travel


Psychic Rose Kopp lives in Honolulu, Hawaii. She claims to have the ability to leave her body and visit remote locations, which she does occasionally to assist the police in solving a crime. After a grisly murder was committed in Gonzales, Louisiana, a childhood friend of Police Chief Bill Landry suggested that he ask Kopp for help obtaining information about the robbery and murder of elderly Lillian Phillipe, the third in a series of similar crimes.

The serial killer left no fingerprints or DNA, making the police very frustrated with the lack of progress in the case. Kopp agreed to help. She asked Landry to send a picture of the victim and one personal item the victim had touched. Three more homicides were committed in Landry’s jurisdiction before Kopp received the package from Landry.  The killer was increasing the pace of his murders.

Kopp describes astral travel as a shamanic journey that she embarks upon by entering a trance induced by repetitive chanting accompanying a rhythmic drumbeat.  According to Kopp, she left her body during a trance, and in her mind, she flew over Diamond Head, across the Pacific, California, Texas, and finally arrived in Gonzales, Louisiana, at the crime scene of the Lillian Phillipe murder. There she claims that she was able to “see” the killer and tell Landry he was a white male, about five foot nine and powerfully built.  She told Landry the killer had entered the house through the roof that he reached by placing a wrought iron chair on top of the air conditioner.

Landry’s investigation shockingly confirmed the details Kopp gave from “visiting” Phillipe’s house. The chair was still there. Because those three additional murders had occurred between the time Kopp’s help was requested and her receipt of the related items from Landry connected to the victim Phillipe, in desperation the police chief asked Kopp to remotely use her psychic abilities to visit Louisiana a second time, hoping to obtain additional information about the killer.

On Kopp’s second “astral” visit, she claimed the killer’s car contained betting slips indicative of a gambling problem.  The FBI profile of the killer had predicted that excessive gambling debts would be the motive for the robberies. Kopp also said the killer’s girlfriend worked in a diner and relayed that her name sounded like “Cindy” or “Candy”.  She saw a vision of a severed cow’s head immediately after seeing the vision of the girlfriend at work.  The jarring image almost startled her out of her trance. These images made absolutely no sense to Kopp.

But as a lifelong resident of Ascension Parish, Chief Landry knew the history of the area well and they made perfect sense to him.  He knew an old slaughterhouse had closed that was near a diner.  The old slaughterhouse had used a cow’s head like she described to advertise the business. Asked by Chief Landry if she could add anything to the killer’s description, Kopp mysteriously said she saw an old woman handwrite “River Rat” on a notepad.

The very next time the killer struck, he shot an elderly woman in the face and her husband in the chest.  Both victims barely survived.  The wife was asked if she could describe her assailant.  Because of her facial injury, she was unable to speak.  She took a notepad and wrote the words “River Rat” on it.

How could this be possible? How could Rose Kopp have accurately predicted the exact same words a future victim would write before the crime occurred?

An informant’s tip led the police to suspect a man named Daniel Blank, a self-employed mechanic with a waitress girlfriend named Cindy and a known gambling problem.  Blank matched the physical description given by Rose Kopp almost perfectly.  He was arrested and convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to death.

If the information provided in the program Psychic Investigators on the Biography Channel was true, Rose Kopp amazingly provided the police with the following information:

    • Gave them an accurate and detailed physical description of the killer.
    • Correctly identified the killer’s means of entry into the Phillipe house – the chair on the A/C unit.
    • Correctly provided the name of the killer’s girlfriend and her place of work.
    • Correctly noted the killer’s gambling problems.
    • She incredibly knew somehow of the “River Rat” description the old woman would give after his next attack left a witness.

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