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        Date Published:- 2021-December-13th
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  1. Ms. Lilly
    • I know when men think like this and kill women it’s about control. I can speak to this point because my aunt was murdered by her son’s father he killed her and himself she hid my cousin in the closet. I know for a fact he would have killed him also. That horrible incident had a catastrophic effect on our entire family. That incident haunted her siblings (my aunt’s and uncle’s and my Mom) as well as her parents ‘ so much until none of them lived to be 65yrs old. My grandparents didn’t make it to 65 as well. It is crazy to me how killing a person because you can’t control them is your only option.
  2. Black Cat Walking
    • I wish there were a million of you Mike. Your heart is pure, and we need that in the atmosphere now more than ever. I see these stories too, and it completely breaks my heart to know that so many of our women are being snuffed out like dogs. Our culture has become so toxic and evil, that it’s hard for women to feel safe, even the ones that are just living their lives, not even married or in a relationship. I know you worry about your wife and daughter and all the women in your family, but as a man of God you have authority over the enemy to pray for protection over them all!! They will be protected because of your submission to the Most High. You are a good man, no matter what these people say! They will see in time that they were used by the enemy to destroy people. Keep your head up fam, and know that your are loved and definitely appreciated🙏🏿🙏🏿💓💓 sending prayers and blessing to the entire Shumake Family!!
  3. Michelle H
    • There is absolutely NO validity to the murderer’s point. NONE!!! He is in the medical profession. He could have EASILY sought the help of a psychologist in regard to his situation. Like he said, “3 YEARS”. His actions were PLANNED. He said in the video: “Today is the day”. That statement does not say spontaneity. That statement does not reference someone who snapped. That statement referenced CRIMINAL INTENT. He PLANNED it. It was very obvious that he did NOT explain HIS part in the reason why he was in TWO failed relationships. He did NOT EXPLAIN as the common denominator, why he has an EX wife and an EX girlfriend, in a short period of time. Furthermore, he also said; “She won’t let me see my kids.” Did anyone read the updated report? His kids were IN THE CAR. when he SNUFFED OUT THE LIFE of his exes, his children’s MOTHERS. Clearly, preventing him from his children was not much of an issue, HE HAD THEM WITH HIM. The GF was pregnant, was the threat really the problem, or maybe he was a MONSTER in private, and they left and/or were leaving the monster to himself. I would not be surprised, if these children in the future, talk about the TRAUMA of the day their father murked their mothers, and how he REALLY treated them BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. He says they keep him from his kids, but he brings his kids along to murk their mothers, leaving them ORPHANS. Leaving them with a LIFE LONG TRAUMA. Yeah, I can sense the LOVE & CARE from his behavior. He was too COWARDLY to do his time in prison, too COWARDLY to go to court to PROVE his innocence, too COWARDLY to take accountability for his actions. If the allegations weren’t true, why not let the trial reveal that?! Instead, the COWARD took his life and lives of the MOTHERS OF HIS CHILDREN, and on top of that…BLAMED THEM for HIS actions!! To the end, TAKING NO ACCOUNTABILITY FOR ONE’S OWN ACTIONS. His actions PROVED his selfishness and REVEALED his egotistical personality. I feel sorry for the children. They are left as ORPHANS, because a COWARDLY WIMP was MAD because he could NOT get his way. However, I feel great for the universe. One less DEMON in the world. DAMN SHAME!!!
  4. Taura Helms
    • I saw a photo of the guy who killed his ex-wife and girlfriend. It’s as if his eyes revealed his evil. Also, there is a cop who killed his girlfriend. She had his baby and assumed that she was the only girlfriend. Come to find out that he had a second woman pregnant and she had given birth. When the girlfriend asked, she was killed by the cop boyfriend for asking about his double life. Very pretty woman. It’s sad. I wish the black community would wake up.
  5. Pretty Brown Eyes
    • Life is a struggle as is… yet getting in relationships with men is one of the most dangerous things we can do as women.
      I’ll stay single
  6. A J
    • To be honest those men have probably been showing signs way before they actually commit those crimes …… in the “black community “ we have been taught since childhood to “ not snitch” or “no telling” ….. look a Megan the stallion she said she took up for him and didn’t want to be a considered a snitch … but he was the one who shot her….. We try not to call police or for any help to protect our abuser… I’ve also been in situations where people turn the blind eye when you are getting abused because they say they don’t want to get in your business….. it’s so sad
  7. Pretty Astounding
    • Good point. I often seeing both black women or men huffing and puffing……selling wolf tickets and getting in the other person’s face. Both need to back down from beating their chests…..trying to bully other people. It is disgusting . I just keep away whenever I see the beating of the chest …..EVEN IN JEST.
  8. Nina Moore
    • Oh my it’s so scary out there for black women. We need more black men like you out there. You care about us. Love you my brother and keep it coming. Be bless and stay safe. Love you
  9. Camille Fitz
    • If it was three black guys killed by the police all hell would have broke loose SMH
  10. Cole Bien
    • My daddy came from a time when you didn’t kill your kids in the womb proudly. You stepped up and became the parent you did activities to become. He was physically abusive but not a murderer. He would never leave his kids to starve or without a mother. It saddens me to be raised in a home where my value as a girl/woman was to be protected and loved (even though often misguided). He even said it made him sick when my teacher asked a show of hands how many kids live with mommy and daddy and 3 kids including me raised my hand. To learn that a lot of black really are those awful monsters is heartbreaking. I see one or two like Micheal here, but he’s a dying breed. We need Jesus quickly. The hate is plain demonic and nees to be repented from. It feels weird to pray to God for protection from and for fellow black people, but I guess that’s where we are. Stay safe everyone.
  11. Brooke Amster
    • Men created the system but women get blamed somehow. As Shumake demonstrated, fight for your kids and you can get results. The problem is bm don’t even try but complain about not seeing (or supporting in any way) their kids.
  12. Denese Jamerson
    • Sometimes folks just not right, and if you’re not selective about mates you’ll find yourself with one of ’em. Yup, I is single. I – r- not desperate!
  13. Lally
    • I think every black person should read the book ‘Why we hate black women and why we should love them.’ By Hasani Pettiford. It talks about the conditioning of society and how they have come to hating black women so much.
  14. Tiffany Mitchell
    • I would be so scared to be with a bm. I see all of these beautiful bw being murdered by bm and some of the women were pregnant 🤦🏾‍♀️. I’m married to a wm and I feel so safe with him. He has never raised a hand to me in 10 years of marriage. We don’t argue in front of our 2 boys. And before I get attacked yes I know wm kill women too but it just seems like it’s an epidemic with bm against bw. If I were single I would be absolutely terrified to date a bm. Please bw watch your backs and be careful and protect yourselves and bm please stop killing bw and their unborn babies 😢
  15. j B
    • That’s why I find it funny when men constantly talk about holding women accountable, like bro more than likely atleast 1 person in your friend group is probably an abuser or a rapist or a ticking time bomb and you wanna hold women accountable first of all look in your own friend groups or even family, you guys hold nobody accountable but focus attention on holding women accountable for the most random things.
  16. Earthangel1105 Remix
    • FBA men usually don’t want to be a nurse 🤯 Caribbean born go check his paperwork,. That’s a tether
  17. Stephanie O
    • Just a heads-up that Jay Black killed a WW and an AW.


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