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  1. Worship In the House
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      • Powerful testimony that shows how God can do miracles when we humble ourselves to be in God’s Presence!
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      • William McDowell’s Testimony
        Channel:- Worship In the House
        Published On:- 2021-September-14thWorship Is Live
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        Demoted On:- 2022-November-11th
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  2. William McDowell’s Testimony | Worship || Withholding Nothing
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      • Description: “The best you can do is to prepare your heart and be obedient…
        you have to be willing to become invisible. It’s never about you. Nothing in the service is about you. People aren’t coming to see you. They are coming to experience God.”
        With this underlying approach, during 40 days of fasting and prayer prior to the recording, new songs began to emerge. As an example, McDowell points to the song “Withholding Nothing,”
        “What started in rehearsal as a way to re-work our song ‘Give Myself Away’ became the title track after the event,” he explains. “As we were singing the chorus of what would become ‘Withholding Nothing,’ the response was overwhelming. The whole evening was like that… at least 45 minutes of the project was unrehearsed.” Six months later, McDowell finished writing “Withholding Nothing.” And that finished song is now the album’s first radio single and a bonus “radio edit’ track on the CD. Referring to both the song and the entire recording, McDowell adds, “No one expected that. We just rehearsed and then followed the leading of the Holy Spirit.”
        @Worship In the House
        God Bless You!
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      • William McDowell’s Testimony
        Channel:- Worship Is Live
        Published On:- 2022-January-31st
        Added On:- 2022-November-11th



Worship In the House

Worship In the House

  1. Power
    • Power in the kingdom is not based on ability, but availability
  2. Worship Leader
    • Investment
      • People
        • Jessica Rivera
      • Promise
        • God, I will invest my life into people like her
        • What business do I have in saving the world, if the people that God has given me are not growing
  3. Messenger
    • When you speak what I am speaking, I will make a way for my message
    • He never said he will make a way for me, he said I will make a way for my message
    • My responsibility is as a messenger
    • When I am no longer a messenger, he has the right to find someone else who will
    • All I want to be is a messenger for him
    • I really don’t care about the chart positions, it has been cool
    • That is not what I care about
  4. Miracles, Signs, And Wonders
    • I do not care that we receive news of Miracles, Signs, and Wonders happening every where else in the world
    • But, in the land that I live in
    • God has a heart for America
      • Just as he has for everywhere else in the world
      • I am not satisfied with reading about things that I know is available, but it is not happening for us


Video Comments

Worship In the House

Worship In the House

  1. Linda Littleton
    • I love this testimony. I love the lord and I too can’t breathe without him. I’m asking for prayer along with me for my grandson. A unfamiliar spirit has attached itself to my grandson through the Internet. I believe in the power of prayer and God’s ability to cast out evil spirits. My grandson is only 13 years old and needs an encounter from God

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