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  1. Worship In the House
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      • Powerful testimony that shows how God can do miracles when we hamble ourselves to be in God’s Presence!
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      • William McDowell’s Testimony
        Channel:- Worship In the House
        Published On:- 2021-September-14th
        Added On:- 2021-December-10th



Worship In the House

  1. Power
    • Power in the kingdom is not based on ability, but availability
  2. Worship Leader
    • Investment
      • People
        • Jessica Rivera
      • Promise
        • God, I will invest my life into people like her
        • What business do I have in saving the world, if the people that God has given me are not growing
  3. Messenger
    • When you speak what I am speaking, I will make a way for my message
    • He never said he will make a way for me, he said I will make a way for my message
    • My responsibility is as a messenger
    • When I am no longer a messenger, he has the right to find someone else who will
    • All I want to be is a messenger for him
    • I really don’t care about the chart positions, it has been cool
    • That is not what I care about
  4. Miracles, Signs, And Wonders
    • I do not care that we receive news of Miracles, Signs, and Wonders happening every where else in the world
    • But, in the land that I live in
    • God has a heart for America
      • Just as he has for everywhere else in the world
      • I am not satisfied with reading about things that I know is available, but it is not happening for us


Video Comments

Worship In the House

  1. Linda Littleton
    • I love this testimony. I love the lord and I too can’t breathe without him. I’m asking for prayer along with me for my grandson. A unfamiliar spirit has attached itself to my grandson through the Internet. I believe in the power of prayer and God’s ability to cast out evil spirits. My grandson is only 13 years old and needs an encounter from God

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