Networking – Tools – Bind/Dig – Client Installation – Extract Only


Needing to troubleshoot a DNS Issue, I tried a few things.

One of my last resorts is Bind’s Dig client tool.




On MS Windows, please go to ( Link ).

Here are the artifacts available:-

  1. MS Windows
    • Bitness:- 64-bit
  2. Linux Installer ( Compressed )
  3. Linux Packages
    • CentOS
    • Ubuntu
    • Fedora


Our working OS is MS Windows, please choose:-

  1. Syntax
    • BIND[version].zip – win [bitness]
  2. Current
    • Current Installer:- – win 64-bit


The installer is packaged as a compressed zip file, please extract the downloaded artifact.


Client Tools – Dig

For our current use case, we do not need the whole shebang; pardon the expression, but could not help using it, as Bind itself is mostly Linux.

To use dig

To use dig simply access terminal mode and issue dig.

Sample – Dig – No Parameters


Sample – Dig – Request – Explicit use Google DNS Server –


Technical Summary

If you read up more on dig and decided you need and like it, please feel free to copy the dig executable and all the DLLs in the extracted folder with you.

That is, you cannot run dig without the DLLs.


General Summary

Family, outside of the need to troubleshoot an installer, please download bind, extract the compressed file, and use the extracted dig binary directly.

The installer does you no favors.

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