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  1. Soft White Underbelly
    • Introduction
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          Channel:- Soft White Underbelly
          Date Published:- 2020-February-22nd
          Date Added:- 2021-May-15th


  1. 2021-November
    • Pimp interview-G Gov
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          Published On:- 2021-November-15th
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  1. Childhood
    • Started out good
    • Turned Bad when Mama got into drugs
    • Father:- San Pedro, Los Angeles, CA Military Police Officer
  2. Introduction to the Game
    • How did you get introduced to the game?
    • Grew up around it
      • Two houses from Bishop Don Juan
      • GodFather GOD
    • Old School greats in Chicago
  3. What does a young man need?
    • What does a man young need to get in the game?
      • Born Into It
      • Survival Instinct
    • It is not too much what you need
    • It relies on the girl choosing you
  4. Growing up you had three choices
    • Drug Dealing
      • Going to Jail
    • Gang Banging
      • Getting Killed
    • Pimps
      • Driving the Cadillac
      • With a lot of women around
  5. Pimps
    • Bishop
      • Drive the Cadillac around
        • Up and Down Madison Avenue
      • Treated like Royalty
      • He is Chicago Royalty
      • Love by many people
      • Legacy
        • Legacy not built on the money he gave out
        • But, on how he treated people
      • People
        • People remember the way they were treated
        • More than whether someone gave them a dollar, 50 cents, or a quarter
      • Bishop always gave the people love and being a caring type
      • Bishop always had a positive thing to say, he was never about being negative
      • When you meet Bishop, he always gave you a positive way of looking at it
      • Mentorship
        • Yes, he was some help
        • When I started out
  6. First Girl
    • How did you get your first girl?
    • Homegirl from the hood came up and requested covering
    • Nothing spectacular
    • She was already out there anyways
    • She was already doing everything with everybody
    • And, so it was homegrown
    • It was more like “putting some order around her thinking process
  7. Differences over the years – Back Then
    • Women Chose
      • The way you move
      • The way you talk
      • The way you are dressed
      • Your financial gains
      • She had to see something in you to make her make that move
    • If you are trying to convince her, that is not really a convincing chooser
    • They call it you are persuading her
    • You should not have to
    • You should be able to step in
      • Dress beautifully
      • That should be her choice because she likes the way you look
    • It is all about what she really wants
    • If she gets with you and sees your program is shakey
    • Or not fit for her in any way
    • And, she decides to leave
    • That is cool
    • That is where she should be able to go anytime she wants to come in
    • With me, it was straight chosen
    • Cause I did not have any game to give her
    • Even though I had been around Bishop and GOD, and all of them, I did not have anything to give her
    • When I got my first girl, “it was a freeze up
    • It is like getting the ball on a basket court, it was like what am I supposed to do with this
    • I have heard that from some of the guys
      • Fillmore Smith
        • Even Fillmore Smith said “He did not know this game existed
        • The girl came to him and said I want you to…
    • Like that with me
      • Girls come up and said “Are you a pimp”
  8. Girl
    • Not every girl can do it
    • It is all about the mentality
    • They all have sex
    • Every girl know this is precious, and not to give it away
  9. Girl Choices
    • These girls want to do it
    • This is actually what this girl wants to do
    • If she didn’t want to do it, believe me, they will
      • Over there baking cookies
      • Or on the side, taking their kids to soccer practice
    • They will be nowhere affiliated with this type of lifestyle
    • They will not be doing it if this is not what they want
  10. Types of Pimping
    • There are different types of pimping too
    • No, there is only one type of pimping
    • There are just many different ways people do things
    • Some of the guys I talk to are actually hustlers, gang-related
    • They are still selling women
    • Those women are on drugs, being forced, or manipulated, or threatened to do this kind of work
    • A lot of guys do it because it is a trend
    • It is cool
    • You will end up with a lot of guys doing it, because it is trending, and everybody is doing it
    • The gang bangers doing it, cause they want to get girls
    • But, they have no understanding
    • It is really not pimping
  11. Human Trafficking Versus Pimping
    • I understand the difference between human trafficking and pimping
    • It is sad that they don’t understand the two
    • But, I understand it
    • Human Trafficking is not pimping, and pimping is not Human Trafficking
    • But, you do have guys
      • That beat up on these women
      • Hold them against their will
      • Don’t take care of them properly
    • The charges that are coming in have those identifying fit
    • In Los Angeles, they are mixing the gangs and pimping with each other
  12. Los Angeles
    • Chasing after a girl
    • Chasing her down the street
    • Calling her the B-Word
    • Calling her out of her name
    • If you have to do all that, that should tell you one thing
    • That should you that she might not be mentally fit for this lifestyle
    • And, you do get a lot of that
  13. Different Types of Pimping
    • Gorilla Pimping
  14. Rules of the Game ( Segment 10 Minutes In )
    • Non-Contact Sport
      • The rule is that it is a non-contact sport
      • That is the rule of the game
      • The non-contact is between you and your woman
      • You are supposed to defend her from anything else
    • Resistance
      • When you see these guys running a girl down and not treating her as a team
      • Then you are seeing the gorilla pimping
      • The resistance in the game
      • Everybody used to be together
  15. Save a __
    • Gave homegirl some money to walk away
    • She took the money back to Dude
    • And, stayed in camp
    • I thought to myself “what she do that for
    • Everyone else in camp has a “black eye
    • Just one dude
      • I am just one dude, a white dude at that, behind the camera
      • The people she affiliated with are very powerful in LA
    • That is what is behind the fuckery of “Charge them all
  16. The Game
    • If you are doing the game, the real way, you should never have to go jail, behind the girl
    • Have you ever been to jail?
      • Yes
    • What for?
      • Money Laundering
  17. Sort Of
    • Polygamy

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