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As we enter into a new season of Angel Tree will like to share a few videos that one can use in a church setting to re-introduce Prison Ministry and specifically Angel Tree.


Videos – Angel Tree

  1. Angel Tree: The Full Picture
    • Videos
  2. Angel Tree: It Starts With A Gift
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel:- Prison Fellowship
        Date Published:- 2021-March-19th
        Date Added:- 2021-November-8th

Videos – Prison Ministry

  1. Meeting God in Jail: How Shane Found Redemption and Restoration Behind Bars
    • Profile
      • Sometimes, it takes hitting rock bottom to realize exactly what has been going on. Through the Academy, and with the help of caring volunteers and the program curriculum, Shane began to deal with his lifelong attempt to escape from problems rather than resolve them.
    • Videos
      • Video #1
        Channel:- Prison Fellowship
        Published:- 2018-October-3rd
        Date Added:- 2021-November-9th
    • Participants
      • Shane Rubash
        • Prison Fellowship Academy Graduate
  2. Stories Change Lives – and Save Them
    • Videos
    • Participants
      • James J. Ackerman ( President and CEO, Prison Fellowship )
      • Lisa Kratz Thomas ( Speaker and Author )
  3. This is Prison Ministry
    • Videos
    • Participants
      • Darryl Brooks ( Prison Fellowship Academy Manager, Carol S. Vance Unit )

Video Transcripts

Videos – Angel Tree

Angel Tree: The Full Picture

  1. Statistics
    • 1 in 28 children in the United States have a parent in prison
    • These 2.7 million children are some of the most at risk in society
    • For many of these children, the holidays can be a particularly trying time
  2. Inside Voices
    • Inside Voice #1
      • Arrested for intent to distribute
      • The hardest thing is my wife is outside trying to raise these children by herself
    • Brea Diaz ( Angel Tree Volunteer )
      • Husband selling drugs
      • I was addicted to prescription pills
      • We were stringing along our kids
      • Our next step could have landed us in prison
      • And, we could also have lost our children
      • The fact that it could have been us is very hard and changes my viewpoint
      • We have a stigma of people who are incarcerated
      • Prison Ministry changes my perspective
      • These are people with real lives with families and children
    • Jason & Abby
      • Jason
        • Arrested for Meth Addiction
        • It got out of hand
        • Made a lot of bad choices which led me to come in here
        • My past life was controlled by addiction
        • Now looking back sober and seeing all the people that are truly affected by the choice I have made, makes me want to be a new person, that new man, be that father, be that new husband
        • My Wife
          • As they say in AA, one addict helps another
          • In my life that is my wife, she is my rock
          • She is working the walk and she needs help
          • The hardest thing is not being able to help her
        • My Son
          • As for my son, this is the second Christmas that I will miss
      • Abby
        • It has been hard on me
        • It has been hard on the children to have Jason away
        • We are struggling
        • I worry about him reoffending
        • Because addiction is one very hard battle
        • I have days where I am tired and I don’t want to go on
        • But, I know I don’t have that choice
        • I have to make sure the kids have everything they need
        • He was doing very well
        • But, he had that one bad day
        • where he lost all of his money
        • And, he was done
        • I am scared of that because you can not do that
        • I have done that
        • I have taught myself not to quit
        • I have to do that every single morning when I wake up
        • Even in the middle of the day, I have to say “God Help me
      • Angel Tree Ornament ( Brea )
        • Every single Angel Tree Ornament represents an actual face
        • An actual child
        • An actual parent that is in prison
        • Angel Tree is a way for incarcerated parents to give gifts to their kids
        • We pick up a batch of angels as a church
        • We place Ornaments out and have congregants pick an Angel
        • The gift ideas are from the incarcerated parent
        • And, it is a way for the incarcerated parent to connect to the child on the outside
        • Buying gifts add to our budget
        • But, it is a way that I cannot help, but do it
        • So even if all you do is get one ornament and get one gift that is huge in a child’s life
      • Jason’s Family Home
        • I heard of Angel Tree
        • And, I signed up for it
        • I filled out the intake form
        • The gifts were delivered to my wife
        • And, my kids were able to feel my love from inside
      • Brea delivered parents to Abby
        • Is it OK if I pray with you guys before I go
        • Brea’s Prayer
          • Lord, I just thank you
          • Lord, I pray immense protection over them
          • Immense blessings
          • As times get hard, especially when they do not know what they are going to do
          • Lord provide from them
          • Lord protect their marriage
          • Protect them individually
          • Their relationship will deepen in ways so that they will be such an example of what redemption and restoration
          • In Jesus name, we pray, Amen
      • Jason, Inside
        • Received Thank You Note from Abby
          • Jason received a thank you from Abby
          • Jason’ share notes with fellow inmates
        • In His Cell
          • As Jason lays down back in his cell
          • Where the Spirit of The Lord Is, there is freedom ( 2nd Corinthians 3:17 )
          • I was in a worst than I am know
          • I was in the prison of my own addiction
          • A prison of my own self-desire
          • Being sober and having the Lord back in my life means all of that is lifted off of me
          • You can be free in here
          • If you cannot change in here, you are never going to make it on the streets
  3. Prison
    • Nebraska
      • Lincoln Correctional Center, Lincoln, Nebraska

Angel Tree: It starts with a gift

  1. Participants
    • Pastor Tommy E. Smith Jr.
      • Palma Ceia Baptist Church
  2. Words
    • Pastor Tommy E. Smith Jr.
      • It is a way to consciously include people
      • To tangibly include people
      • To meet people where they are at


Videos – Prison Ministry

Meeting God in Jail: How Shane Found Redemption and Restoration Behind Bars

  1. I needed to get to a place where I can be a normal function citizen
  2. Home Life
    • home life was really difficult growing up
    • My father was an abusive alcoholic
    • He will seem to get angry if the wind blew
  3. Car/Motorcycle accidents
    • Within two weeks of each other, I got into two car accidents
    • Injury
      • I had to have my collarbone rebuilt
      • Right shoulder rotator cuff rebuilt
    • Medication
      • Pain Killers
      • Once off the pain killers, I started self-medicating
      • Got me in here
  4. Prison Academy
    • Reading on how to work through my hurt and struggles
    • Also, interested in finding a way to transition out of prison into society
    • For
      • For drug addicts
      • For angry individuals
      • For people who do not know how to live life properly
    • Admitting
      • Admitting to ourselves the hurt that we have done
      • And, taking responsibilities
      • Is not what we do very often
    • Hope
      • Wife
        • I have been divorced for ten years
        • Yet, there was still a lot of hurt, anger, and frustrations with everything
        • As we worked through the workbook, I decided I wanted to write her a letter
        • In the letter, I itemized, not all, but the majority of the things that I think I did wrong in our marriage
        • I told her
          • She did not have to forgive me
          • She did not even have to believe anything that I was saying, but I just had to let her know that I am sorry
      • Restored Relationships
        • There have been so many relationships restored because of the things that I have learned through the academy
        • About a month before I got out, each of my children started to answer my phone calls
        • I could see, I had hope
    • Changed Lives
      • Life right after I was released was difficult, I was 38 years old, and I was moving back in with Mum and Dad
      •  I concentrated on what I knew, for me, that was having a purpose
      • I started volunteering at the Ever Gospel Mission
      • I started working with the homeless in Seattle
      • I was able to get a job
      • The program has changed my life
      • There is a group of about 8 individuals that I took the program with
      • Today, all but one are out and doing well
      • I am in contact and mentoring about 15 men who are still incarcerated
      • For me, this is really paying forward “What was given to me from the Academy
      • Life Today is really amazing


Stories Change Lives – and Save Them


  1. Lisa Kratz Thomas ( Speaker and Author )
    • I believe stories change lives and save lives
    • I believe a story can permeate the life of somebody and make their mother’s day like one they have never had before
  2. This is Prison Ministry
    • Words
      • Inside
        • A lot of people write us off
      • Workers
        • Men and Women who believe their children should have their parents at home
        • And, that the generational pattern should and can be broken by the Power of Jesus Christ
    • Prison
      • California
        • Folsom Prison California
      • Texas
        • Carol S. Vance Unit, Texas
        • Gates Unit, Texas
      • Oklahoma
        • L.A.R.C
        • Mabel Bassett Correctional Facility, Oklahoma
      • Minnesota
        • MCF Shakopee, Minnesota
        • Lino Lakes, Minnesota
      • New York
        • Rikers Island, New York
      • Nebraska
        • Nebraska State Penitentiary, Nebraska
      • Virginia
        • St. Brides Correctional Facility Virginia
    • Participants
      • Chuck Colson ( Founder, Prison Fellowship )
      • Darryl Brooks ( Prison Fellowship Academy Manager, Carol S. Vance Unit )
    • Fighting For Change
      • Within the hearts of prisoners
      • And, home of congress




Videos – Angel Tree

Angel Tree: The Full Picture

  1. 2nd Corinthians
    • 2nd Corinthians 3:17 – The Glory of the New Covenant  ( Link )
      • …But whenever anyone turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away.
      • Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.

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