Dinner at Indian Restaurant:- Lesson on Economics

Date Night

Like for a few families, Sunday is date night; or eating out night for mine.

The family wanted Whole Foods.

On the other hand, I wanted Indian.

So we went for both.


Whole Foods

Thankfully, Whole Foods has its buffet back open.

We picked up a plate.

Believe me, it was packed full.

The cashier weighed it and it costed out at $38.


Indian Restaurant

Two Plates for me

Off to the Indian Restaurant.

I really love Indian food.

Got two to-go items.

One Spinach.

The other Curry Fish.

Some Samosa; vegetables inside.

Cornered it out with two full plates of rice.

Masked up, I idly sat in the restaurant waiting for the food to be prepared.



A lady came in to pick up her plates.

As she was leaving she asked out loud.

When will the buffet open back up?

The man replied he does not know.

He furthered that he can not make any money offering buffet dinner at $15 a person.

Food Costs have just gone up too much over the last couple of months for him to be able to recoup his costs.

The lady pressed a bit; specifically which food items have gone up?

The man said everything.

He listed each food category.

Summarily he conceded that those days of offering buffet meals are bygone.

He said he heard that by the end of this month, 2021-November, things would gotten worse.



Unbelievable good fortune to hear truths from someone trustworthy.

A small business owner who knows his margins.

He knows how much more he can add to his customer’s bills before they choose not to come as often.



Beloved, please continue to stay sober-minded.

Eat and Live Well.

Learn to add on to people as opposed to finding how you are going to game them.

Live out your spirituality.

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