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  1. Melanated Files ( The Black Experience Japan )
    • Profile
      • Aya is half-Black and half-Japanese, and today she shares her experience growing up in Japan and her transition to life in America.
    •  Videos
      • Being Half-Japanese is Different When You’re Younger (Black in Japan) | MFiles [日本の字幕]
        Channel:- The Black Experience Japan
        Date Published:- 2021-January-25th
        Date Added:- 2021-October-31st


Melanated Files ( The Black Experience Japan )

Being Half-Japanese is Different When You’re Younger (Black in Japan) | MFiles [日本の字幕]

  1. Growing up in Japan
    • Earned – How to use what people consider insecurities, to become your strength
      • People Sayings and Thoughts
        • You do not look like a typical Japanese Person
        • You are really good at English
      • Use That
        • Use that to start an initiative on diversity
        • Use what you think are insecurities into your strength
      • Perceptive
        • I thrive better in America because I think I can put forth my skillsets better in America
        • That does not mean I can’t go back to Japan 5 years from now and help to globalize businesses
  2. Younger
    • When younger
      • You want to fit in
      • Why is my skin darker?
  3. Tell my younger self
    • Trust my differences
    • Trust my difference will turn into my strength
    • I really wish I knew that when I was a child
    • If I knew that, I would not have suffered as much as I suffered
    • And, I will not have internalized it as much as I internalized it
  4. Suffered Internally or Externally
    • Internally
      • I internalized every stare
      • Every slight
      • Every Comment
    • Externally
      • People will say mean things
      • People will say mean things about me to my mum
    • Isolated
      • Things will happen that will make you feel isolated
      • It will make you feel you do not belong
      • If you know those exact things will turn into your strengths, if you allow them, then I will not have worried about them, as much as I worried about them
  5. Lessons of an Hafu
    • Be more confident
    • Change your environment
    • If you do not like where you are at
      • Ask yourself why you don’t like where you are at
      • Get a piece of paper
      • Write down why you don’t like it
      • Read it
      • And, then change your environment
    • The Hafus that live in Japan
      • It is tricky for the Hafus that live in Japan
      • Especially, the Hafus that only speak Japanese
      • They feel fully Japanese
      • But, they do not feel like they are treated fully Japanese
      • No matter how much they are trying, they feel that they are not fully accepted
      • The day to day frustrations can really wear you down
      • On the other hand, if you know that there is a whole world out there that values a quality like yours, that values the difference, that sees it as a strength
      • As long as you know that, then you will not worry about the little things
      • My advice is to change your environment, and you will be alright
    • Like Most about Japan
      • Nature
      • Convenient City
      • Food
    • Like about America
      • Diversity
      • Not as blatant about Discrimination when it comes to
  7. Advice about moving to Japanese
    • Research
    • Mental Illness
    • Community


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