The Joys of Closed Source Code


Yesterday someone placed a request in our group’s ticket queue.

I serviced most of the asks in the request.

Unfortunately, there is one outstanding item.

I asked the requester to please ask another group for clarifying information that will allow us to service the need more succinctly.


Technical Lead


After a little while, my Technical Lead jumped into the email chain.

Here is his first take ( #1 ):-

Hi, let me see if I can create a script for this.  Want to feel like I did something useful today.  😊


His Second Take ( #2 ) ( 8 Minutes Later )

There are a lot of data. I’ll see if I can add additional info.
(Powershell is fun, sometimes.)
Back in a few moments…or more.


His Third Take ( #3 ) ( 45 Minutes Later )

It was a bit trickier to add the additional information.


Code Review

I was in the middle of cleaning up my own mess and so I did not look at his work nor encourage him in any way.

I woke up in the middle of the night and was able to clear up my own code issues.

With a rested mind, I went back and looked at my lead’s code.

Here is my short critique:-

  1. His code is short and sweet
  2. Plenty of well-intentioned cautions & comments
    • I like this API as it is less messy, yet produces the same result
    • This particular filter is used to eliminate superfluous matches
    • This trick will ensure that only valid results are returned


  1. Mental Health
    • Looking at clean and crisp code is so good for one’s mental health
  2. Undeserved
    • Here I am looking at him solve an unusual puzzle
    • An actual need that would have taken a lot of effort to do manually
  3. Less Clutter
    • If the requester had followed my referral, they would have placed a need in another group’s already littered service queue



I love opensource but please don’t pass too many offhanded aspersions on “Closed Code“.

Especially, when you are close enough to be able to take a good look at the resultant source code.

It can be selfishly satisfying.

Respect and Revere those who make it possible.



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Big Pun

Big Pun – It’s So Hard ft. Donell Jones

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