YouTube – Channel – About Page


As long as I have been hooked on YouTube Videos.

Added on as much as I consume thereof it is sad and concerning that, I did not realize that YouTube Channels have an About Page.


About Page

What Is?

Within the “About Page” channel creators can discuss the following:-

  1. Who they are
  2. What areas their channel covers
  3. Contact Details
    • Email Addresses


How to Access

  1. Access your channel
  2. About Page – View
    • Access About Page
      • Click on the About Link
  3. About Page – Edit
    • Channel Page
      • Access your Channel Page
      • Click on the “Customize Channel” Button
    • Channel Customization Page
      • The Channel Customization Page appears
      • There are three tabs on the Channel Customization Page
      • The Tabs are
        • Tab:- Layout
        • Tab:- Branding
        • Tab:- Basic Info
      • We want to access the “Basic info” Tab
    • Channel Customization Page – Tab – Basic Info
      • Description
        • Please access the Description textbox and fill it out


Image – About – Menu


Image – Channel Customization – Menu

Image – Channel Customization – Tab – Basic Info


Please occasionally review your YouTube Channel about page.

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