Master P:- 2021


  1. Master P Talks Rap Feuds, Conscious Parenting, Owning Black Superheroes
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      • In this episode of “Allison Interviews,” Master P talks about his days being the opening act for the late Tupac Shakur early in his music career, how owning a Black superhero film franchise is on his bucket list, dangerous rap feuds, and the feud between Kanye West and Drake, fathering and raising 9 kids, following in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s movie footsteps ala “Kindergarten Cop,” and his upcoming film, #Unknown,” dropping exclusively on Amazon Prime October 1st.
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Master P Talks Rap Feuds, Conscious Parenting, Owning Black Superheroes


  1. Life Events
    • God
    • Kids and Family
    • Been Able to be Blessed
  2. Family Man
    • 9 kids altogether
    • Hobbies
      • Noes
        • I don’t Drink
        • Nor Smoke
  3. Turning Events
    • Kids
      • More to live for
      • Want to be around and be around them
    • Grandfather
      • Mind your business, and stay out of other people’s business
  4. Mind Set
    • Best of
      • Having Nothing
      • Growing up knowing don’t have nothing
      • But, then what you have, you have to make the best of it
    • Pandemic
      • Especially, right now, living through this pandemic
      • Having Life
      • You never know when is the last time you are going to see someone
    • Blessing
      • Knowing every day is a blessing
      • It pushes me
      • It motivates me
    • Negative People
      • I know I should not be around negative people
      • Even in poverty, I realize if I am going to be successful, I had to cut the negative people off around me
      • They are holding me back
      • The hate ended up being more important than the positive
      • The envy
        • Envying other people
    • Celebrate People
      • I started celebrating people
      • When I was living in poverty
        • I started being happy for people who were doing good
        • When I see people that have a nice car, nice house, I started being happy for them
      • Blessings
        • Blessings started coming to you
        • Knowing that you can be happy for other people success
      • When angry and jealous
        • When you start being envious and jealous, you are never going to get anywhere
        • Because you are putting your energy and time into negative things
        • I tell people all the time, everybody wants to get into the bag
        • You have no time to get into the bag when you are being envious
    • Pride
      • Pride took the devil out of heaven
      • And, the devil took one-third of the Angels with him
      • We have to get out of that pride
      • And, say let me invest my time into something positive
    • Invest
      • Invest time in positive
      • Invest that time into me being positive
  5.  Survival
    • Mind your business, and stay out of other people’s business
    • Have Life
    • Time Management
      • Everybody has 24 hours, make it count
      • Celebrate People
  6. Basketball
    • You did not start out in music, you started out doing something else
    • Started out in basketball, was music your “Plan B”
    • Basketball Injury in College
    • You may think you are going in one direction, but God will get you in another direction
    • You may take it as bad and be sad about it
    • When I got hurt playing basketball in college, I felt like I had failed everybody in my family
    • “I was supposed to go to the Pros and help everybody in my family”
    • I thought to myself “I am on my way, I am going to take care of everybody in my family”
    • “I was supposed to get them out of the ghetto”
    • I tell everybody “Let your failures take you to the next level
    • “Let your failures take you to being great”
    • I used that failure
  7. Grandfather
    • After my injury, my grandfather pulled me aside
    • Grandpa said “Look Son, don’t sit around and keep worrying about what had happened, go make something else happen
    • I had to go find something else
    • God opened up a bigger door
    • Most of the friends that I was playing with at the time that ended up making the NBA did not play long enough in the league to match the money I ended up making
  8. College
    • What I was able to do was unheard of
    • By me going to college and educating myself
    • I could have still been in music, but I don’t think my mindset would be what it is today
  9. Digging Heels In
    • Allison
      • So many people if they think things are going to go one way, and it doesn’t, they dig their heels in
      • They say this is what I said I was going to do when I was 18
      • They do not realize that the universe is trying to take them in a different direction
      • It does not mean failure
    • Master P
      • It is not a loss
      • It is a lesson
      • Sometimes God will put you on a different trail
      • Don’t be afraid to take the journey
      • That is what I did, I said let me take this journey and see how far I can take this
  10. Record Label
    • Allison
      • Everybody that I asked about you said the same thing
      • They said you were never owned by a record label
      • They said you owned your owned music
      • That is the Number 1 thing they said about you
      • was that part of the plan too or was that because you were never signed to a record label
    • Master P
      • GrandPas was in the war
      • Grandpa did his time in the military
      • when he came home, they were supposed to give him money to build a house
      • He was supposed to have been given $10,000
      • Unfortunately, he never got it
      • I knew
        • I had to be independent
        • If I was going to build something for my family
      • Grandfather
        • Grandfather instilled in him, I was not going to make it in their system
        • He said go build your own system
          • Own my own master
          • Put my people in
          • Start your own business
          • You are not going to make it in their system
          • We have to build our own
        • Stuck
          • That just stuck with me
  11. Household – Size of the family unit
    • House full of people
    • I cannot make it on a paycheck
    • I live in an apartment with 16 people
    • In a three-bedroom apartment
    • I had so many people
    • So many mouths to feed
    • I realize I can not do it with a regular paycheck
    • I had to own this
  12. Owning
    • When you look at African Americans and Latinos we do not own anything
    • That was my mindset, to change that narrative
    • I wanted
      • to own my own masters
      • place people I know in jobs
      • to build executives
    • I did not want to go into a company and say I want a job
    • I wanted to build business relationships
  13. Money, Knowledge, and Information
    • My education helped me define that goal
    • We search and Seek for money, but we do not pray, search and seek for information
    • K knowledge and Information
      • It is searching for information that will get us to our destiny
  14. Praying
    • Allison
      • I pray with my son every night
      • We don’t ask God for things
      • Because “Thank You” is the most powerful prayer
  15. Blessing Others
    • ServantHood
      • People say to me what is your my important job
      • well my most important job is being a servant
      • I believe in being a servant
    • Served
      • Being able to serve my community
      • being able to serve Underprivilege kids
      • Being able to serve the elderly
      • Being able to educate the next generation
    • I think that is my most important job
  16. Lucky
    • Your kids are lucky to have you
    • And, I am lucky to have them too
  17. Tupac Shakur
    • Allison
      • You were opening for Tupac Shakur at the beginning of your musical act
      • What was that like?
    • Master P
      • It was crazy
      • Because everybody wanted to see Tupac they did not care about me
      • One Fan
        • One fan was going crazy for me in the audience
        • I said I am going to turn that one fan into a million
      • 100 Million records
        • To be able to sell a hundred million records is just incredible
  18. Working Hard
    • knowing if you believe
    • Southern slur
      • I had a southern slur
    • I outworked those guys
    • I stayed in the studio
  19. Tupac Shakur
    • In the end, Tupac started liking my music
  20. Rap Today and Crossing the Lines
    • Worldly Ills
      • I don’t think people realize they have all these fans
      • Some of the fans might be a little crazy
      • There is a lot of selfish people in the world
      • It is a lot of snakes in the world
    • Young Artists
      • There are many young artists losing their lives
      • we got to take this thing as a blessing
    • To myself
      • I am just saying this to myself, we have to have people giving us better advice
      • You got to hang around better people
    • Critic
      • You got to be your own critic
      • You got to do what is right
      • You got to hold yourself accountable
      • Self Accountable
        • You got to look at what you say
        • You got to look what at you do
        • And, you wouldn’t want other people doing you the same way
        • You wouldn’t want that to be happening to you and your family
    • Other things
      • I just think that there are too much other things going on in the world than for us to be focused on this negativity
      • when everybody is making money, we should be happy right now
    • Rat & Snakes
      • Me personally, I will rather sit and eat cheese with a rat than be in a nice restaurant and drink champagne with a snake
      • That is what a lot of us are doing, we are sharing our wealth with the wrong people
      • Those people are going to come back and bite you because you can not see it
    • Appreciate
      • We have to start appreciating what we got
      • If you get to that level of the game
      • why lose what you have, once you get killed or go to jail, there is no turning back

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