Gene Deal, Muscle Man



  1. Gene Deal, Puff Daddy
    • Videos
      • Puffy’s Bodyguard Gene Deal on the Night Biggie Got Killed (Full Interview)
        Channel:- djvlad
        Published On:- 2021-August-24th
        Added On:- 2021-September-3rd
  2. TK Kirkland
    • Videos
      • TK Kirkland Got No Pushback for Saying Von Zip Kept Puffy’s Money for 2Pac (Part 22)
        Channel:- djvlad
        Published On:- 2021-September-23rd
        Added On:- 2021-September-5th

The Art Of Dialogue

  1. Gene Deal On Keefe D Talking To Biggie Moments Before He Died & DJ Quik Pressing Puffy & Biggie!
    • Profile
      • Gene Deal on introducing Keefe D to Biggie Smalls at the Vibe party and denies rumor that DJ Quik pressed Biggie Smalls and Puffy at Vibe party.
    • Videos
      • Gene Deal On Keefe D Talking To Biggie Moments Before He Died & DJ Quik Pressing Puffy & Biggie!Channel:- djvlad
        Channel:- The Art Of Dialogue

        Published On:- 2021-August-24th
        Added On:- 2022-February-28th

Name Drop

Gene Deal, Puff Daddy

  1. Gene Deal
  2. Puff Daddy
  3. Corey Jacobs
  4. Tim Dog
  5. Lox Boys
    • Wolf
  6. Suge Knight
    • Big Jakes
  7. Biggie Smalls ( Notorious B.I.G. )


Gene Deal, Puff Daddy

  1. Puff, Bigg
    • Honorable
      • Puff you had that one
      • Big you have this one
      • Big’s looked at me “Like this Nigger is honorable”
  2. Biggie, Pac
    • Pac Shot at Station
      • Bigg, Little Cees, Junior Mafia
      • Puff, Jimmy Henchman, Andre Harrell
      • Pac went to the studio to lay a verse
      • Zeek
        • Spiritual Brother
        • Zeek was there with Pac
        • It was over Street Stuff
      • Big
        • Big went to see Pac at the Hospital
        • Big took a gun from the Piano and went to the Hospital
    • Treach
      • Treach got into it with the Rolling 60s
      • Pac went out of his way to squash it
      • Brother you can not expect another man to do what you do
      • The way you roll as an individual
      • Just because you do some things as an individual, don’t mean the other person will do it for you
      • Everybody is not cut from the same cloth
    • King of New York
      • Biggie
        • Biggie Boy
          • Biggie’s boy had gotten shot on his block
          • Biggie did not go back to his block after that
      • Movie
        • The phrase “King of New York” came from the movies
        • Christopher Watkins
      • Reality
        • New York itself had too much going on
        • There are 5 Burroughs
        • Some people from Brooklyn won’t go to the Bronx, people from the Bronx won’t go to Brooklyn. And people in Manhattan stay clear of both of them.
        • You have guys that are strong in their areas
    • Pac shot at Quad Studio, New York City, New York
      • Jazz & Jada Pinkett
        • Please go get some money
        • There was no money
        • But, maybe somebody could have told Biggie, please do a show for your man
        • All the money you make from the gate have that go to Pac’s defense
        • Bro, is in prison, “feeling some kind of way
        • Do what Suge Knight eventually do for him
    • Pac, Rape Charge
      • Pac caught a rape case
      • Jackson
    • Pac, Gun Charge
      • Biggie left his gun in Pac’s room
      • Pac did not snitch on Biggie
    • Artists
      • Biggie
        • Songs
          • Who Shot Ya?
      • Craig Mack
        • Songs
          • Fava in your hear
      • Dogg Pound
        • Songs
          • New York
        • Artist
          • Corrupt
          • Daz Dillinger
          • Warren G
      • Eric C.
        • Suge Knight
          • Tell Pac to get it straight
          • Point out who he is mad at
    • Diss Track
      • Hit Them Up
        • Pac
          • Biggy
      • Vaseline
      • Goat
      • LL Cool J
      • Biggy
        • Listened to Puff
        • ‘Puff had Biggs publishing material
        • And, so Biggs closed his mouth
    • Soul Train Music Awards
      • Muslim Guy
        • Mustafa Farrakhan
          • Farrakhan’s Son
        • Nation of Islam
        • Puff
          • Told Him
            • Don’t worry about me
            • Take care of my family
          • Puff won award
    • Affiliation
      • Keffy D
      • Eric Von Zip
    • Business Man
      • Puffy said
        • 126 employees
        • If these white folks think I have anything to do with gunplay, they will quit on me
    • Las Vegas – Mike Tyson Fight
      • Babby Lane / 2 Pac
      • Keffy D
        • Keffy D said I was in the car that killed 2 Pac
      • Puffy
        • Puffy called and said, “was that us“?
      • Big
        • Biggie held Pac was shot
          • Biggie was so devasted
          • An accident happened that night
          • Biggie got thrown out of the car
      • TK Kirkland
        • Puffy
          • Money was rumored to be given
          • If he has given the money it will be constructed as “murder for hire”
          • Puff would have gone to jail
      • Eric Von Zip
      • 1997-March-5th
        • Biggie
          • Biggie finished his album
          • Biggie started working on Puff Song
        • Puffy
          • Girls
            • Kim Porter
            • Salli Richardson ( Salli Elise Richardson-Whitfield )
        • Dre
          • Melrose Eating
        • Mase
          • Mase told Puff things are still hot
          • Lay Low
        • Biggie
          • Charli Baltimore/Tiffany Lane
            • Spent time with Charli Baltimore
    • Intelligence – Niggas gonna come call us tonight
      • Little C
        • Go on with that cop shit
        • GED
          • Get enough degree so that they don’t rob you of your little money
    • Peterson Museum
      • 21 people deep started out
      • 12 people left
        • 12 people left to go to Steve Stout’s House
    • Suspects
      • Muslim Guy
        • I.D.
          • Amir Mohammed
        • Lil’ Cease
          • Lil’ Cease said a Muslim shot Biggie
    • Black Mafia Family ( BMF )
      • Wolf
        • Wolf Shot
      • Big Meech
      • Terry



Gene Deal, Puff Daddy

  1. B Elliott
    • 2021-August
      • You don’t need a good memory, when your telling the truth.
        This brothers is telling the truth.
        I pray he finds peace in knowing he did all he could.

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