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  1. Why The Prophets Were Wrong About Trump – My Thoughts
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      • My brother Reese joins me for a conversation around the question of why the prophets were apparently wrong about the 2020 election results.
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      • Troy Black
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        Date Published:- 2021-January-21st
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Why The Prophets Were Wrong About Trump – My Thoughts

  1. Horse in the game
    • In the 2020 Election cycle, Troy did not share specific words as to who will win
  2. Waiting on The Lord
    • We can not share anything else other than what the Lord gave
    • Bible Teaching
      • It is not up to interpretation
    • Prophet
      • It is not up to us
      • Prophecy is not up to the will of the Prophet
      • One cannot just say God, you must speak to me on this matter
      • You must go to him and wait on him
      • Whatever he decides to give you that is it
      • That is all you have to go on
  3. Personal Struggles
    • 1) Am I really hearing from God?
      • Operating in Authority
        • If in doubt, people will say you are not really operating in authority
        • Yet, it is never my authority
        • It is his Authority
      • Perfection
        • We are not perfect people
        • Doubt comes in
        • Even when upon hearing him, I was sure it was him
        • Yet, I will sleep on it, a couple of nights, and then doubt will come in
      • Unresolved doubts
        • When we do not resolve doubts, we can slide into sharing something that we were not supposed to share
        • I cannot continue to share a word upon arisen doubt
        • I have to go back to God and Confirm his word
        • If God confirms his word and says yes it is from him, I can go forward
        • There is a huge potential for me to get so locked into that word, that I, unfortunately, lose the Lord
    • 2) Greed
      • The struggle is greed
      • The desire for money
      • Thoughts in my mind
        • If I say it this way
          • I will make my money
        • If I say what they want to hear
          • I will make money off it
      • People will support me in my ministry
      • I get revenue from YouTube if my videos do very well
      • Temptation Arises
        • God never said we will be void of temptation
      • Thoughts
        • Tweak this a bit
        • Add On to it
        • There is the temptation to make money
      • I am not trying to judge anyone
      • And, also I do not think that is the reason most of the prophets are wrong
      • I just know me
        • And, know that is why I can be wrong
    • 3) It is a lot easier to jump on something when others are already in the boat
      • What is my desire
        • What does that look like
        • And, having a hard time separating that
        • What does my desire look
        • And, what is God’s desire
        • What is God saying
        • Versus what do I want him to say
        • It is hard to separate that when a lot of others are saying that already
        • When we allow the masses to influence us
          • We lose him
  4. Seat in the sit of the prophets
    • Not all do
    • Prophecy
      • I heard the holy spirit into my spirit
    • Heard in our human vessel
    • Process
      • Heard in our spirit
      • Come into our human faculty
        • Come into our human mind
        • Come into our soul
        • where our emotions, mind, and will is
      • Speak it out into our physical body
      • Filter it out through our will
      • We are not always using our wills well
    • There are so many filters that are working together
    • Imperfection Humans
      • Just because we sense something in the spirit
      • Just because we sense God is saying something