Near Death Experience ( NDE ):- Jim Woodford


  1. Randy Kay
    • Jim Woodford Died and Spent 11 Hours in Heaven! Find Out What He Saw | 2 Christian Dudes Episode 4
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        • Jim Woodford Died and Spent 11 Hours in Heaven! Find Out What He Saw | 2 Christian Dudes Episode 4
          Channel:- Randy Kay
          Date Published:- 2021-August-2nd
          Date Added:- 2021-August-17th



Randy Kay

Jim Woodford Died and Spent 11 Hours in Heaven! Find Out What He Saw | 2 Christian Dudes Episode 4

  1. Medical
    • Medical Diagnosis
      • Guillain-Barré syndrome ( GBS )
        • Transmission
          • Transmitted via Zika Virus
        • Diagnosis
          • Take fluid from my spine
          • If elevated protein, then it might be Guillain-Barré
        • Treatment
          • Blood Plasma
  2. SOB
    • Souls on Board
  3. Last Word
    • Not Fear
    • Feeling of remorse
    • Never thanked the creator if he existed
    • First 3 of six words
      • God Forgive me
    • A place inside of me
      • Then I collapsed
      • I was gone
  4. Heaven
    • Grass
      • A greener green
      • The grass is greener on the other side
    • Rolling Fields
    • Blue Sky
      • A darker blue sky
  5.  Father
    • Jesus said to me, James, my son
  6. Time
    • This is not yet your time
      • That says if I come back and live a good life, it will one day be my time
  7. Fund
    • All the funds from this book, go out and help all the poor we can get
  8. Glory
    • Give Glory to God
    • Does not give Glory
      • Glory To Self
        • People feel enlightened
  9. Why Me
    • Jim, why not you
    • Will live a life of criticism
    • None, matters as you will be doing what Jesus tells you to do “Go tell your brothers
  10. Destiny Publishing
    • Dr. Thom Gardner, Co-Author
  11. Condition
    • Condition of his heart
      • His Soul
    • Worldly Success
    • Faith
      • Faith is not firm as it is today
  12. Knowledge
    • Know who you had to cry out to
  13. Stop
    • Heart Stops
    • Brain Stops
  14. 11 Hours
    • Time Hearts Stop
    • The time I was resuscitated



  1. Heaven, an Unexpected Journey: One Man’s Experience with Heaven, Angels, and the Afterlife Paperback – September 1, 2017
    • Authored
      • Jim Woodford (Author), Dr. Thom Gardner (Author)
    • Profile
      • When Jim Woodford died, he spent 11 hours in Heaven. When he came back, he was changed forever.
      •  A successful airline pilot and businessman, Jim had it all—a loving family, substantial wealth, and all of the good things that come with it. But none of this was enough to satisfy the emptiness he felt in his heart. He always hungered for something more. And then he died.
      • Jim was never a religious man. When it came to matters of God and faith, he was ambivalent. But as he lay in the hospital bed, clinically dead for more than 11 hours, his consciousness was transported to the wonders of Heaven and the horrors of hell. When he returned to this world, he brought back the missing peace his soul had been longing for.
      • Join Jim Woodford on this unforgettable journey into the afterlife!
      • What you will find:-
        • Awaken to the vivid sights, sounds, and sensations that you can enjoy in Heaven forever.
        • Be inspired by detailed descriptions of the “contrails of prayer” in Heaven’s skies, the “sticky love” of God, what it feels like to hug an angel, and more!
        • Encounter the chilling realities of hell, and the sharp claws of destruction that threatened to pull Jim into eternal darkness.
        • Take comfort in the “six simple words” that led Jim into the presence of Christ.

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