Prophetic Timeline:- 2021-August


In December 2020, on a single day, December 13th, we posted three times on how 2021 will likely play out.

We are halfway into the year.

Let us touch on some areas that are worth speaking on.



  1. Prophetic Timeline – 2021/June – Current Affairs Analysis
    Posted:- 2021-June-11th
  2. The Prophetic:- Year 2021 – Scripture
    Posted:- 2020-December-13th
  3. The Prophetic:- Year 2021 – Basis
    Posted:- 2020-December-13th
  4. The Prophetic:- Year 2021 – Weigh Basis and Likely Outcome
    Posted:- 2020-December-13th



  1. Medical
    • Covid
      • Vaccine
  2. Military
    • Afghanistan
  3. Crime
    • Local Crimes
    • Cyber Crimes
  4. Law Enforcement





Here are the numbers in the US:-

  1. 2021-August
    • Fully Vaccinated
      • 160 Million
      • 49%
    • At Least one Vaccination Dose
      • 190 Million
      • 57%




  1. President Joe Biden
    • 2021-April
      • Announced drawdown
    • 2021-August-31st
      • Projected Drawdown Conclusion
      • Accelerated withdrawal of diplomatic staff



Local Crimes

Very, very, unfortunately, crimes will continue to run rampant.

In spasms, crimes against loved ones and innocent victims will continue to be part of our normative experience.

Please continue to do the following:-

  1. Practice Safe Measures
  2. Encourage others to do likewise
  3. Be measured in conduct and tone
  4. Allow the Spirit of God and Godliness to permeate deep into your soul


Cyber Crimes

Unfortunately, computer and cybercrimes will continue to interfere with normal business practices, as well.

Please take responsibility.

  1. Install Security Updates and Patches in a timely manner


Law Enforcement

Be gracious and grateful to Law Enforcement.

Have friends within the ranks.



In summary, please continue to take precautions and safeguard yourself and your community.

Principally medically, economically ( expenses, bills, and charges ), and susceptibility to crime and awareness of your risks.

Remain sober-minded, take care of yourself, as well those whose God has made your overseer.

A double-edged sword is that we are not always aware of the risks we face and live within each day.




  1. The White House
    • Remarks by President Biden on the Drawdown of U.S. Forces in Afghanistan

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