Testimonial:- 2021- August-11

Going Through It

Yesterday, spoke to my little sister K.

We went over so much.

I want to share some of it.



  1. Naturalist
    • Context
  2. Friends
    • Best Friend
      • Husband Angle
      • Line Between Husband, Lovers, And Best Friends
      • Selling
  3. Young Ones
    • Difference
    • Grow
  4. In Her Feelings
    • Feel Myself
  5. Talking to Someone
  6. Daughter Sleep
  7. Testimonial




She is getting to be a naturalist.

I am sure I got the word wrong.

But, it is not what she calls it that matter.

It is her explanation.

Her expression of it.

Her context.



Best Friend

Husband Angle

I asked about her best friend, A.

She said they don’t talk as much as they used to.

Furthering, she said she snuck up on her husband.

Went out with him.

And, opened her up to him.


Line Between Husband, Lovers, And Best Friends

For most women, there is a line between husbands, lovers, and best friends.

It is not always a line that others can flow in and out.



As my Sister sees it:-

If you are my friend

And, I open to you

In ways, I don’t open to others

Then it is going to hurt me if you use those same words to trade on

Selling me and my words to huddle and close up


Young Ones


She got two young ones

And, they need her

Deserve her

Deserving of her



Here she goes taking from them

To hopefully make someone else’s life a bit better


Traded On

Yet, she gets traded on

Spitted on

Spoken On



She be, I don’t need really need you

I will take my time

Take my bad

Rinse It

Wash it out a bit to grow my young ones


In Her Feelings


Feeling Myself

She a young lady

She going to feel herself

Smell herself

Be like why am I feeling this way

Why am I smelling this way

Why am low on energy


Talking To Someone

So family, when you ever you know God is talking to someone

Please draw close to that someone

Make sure she is encouraged

Make sure her read is accurate and depth

Whatever the enemy may put in her path to cross and doubt her

Help remove and uproot it

God’s words is too valuable to left unsure


Daughter Sleep

By the time we got through it

It was bedtime

Heard her daughter through the phone making out little words

Something about bedtime

She had her daughter climb and rest on her chest

To sleep beautifully and bountifully


I knew it was well worth it

Clearly, best five Hours of Spoken Words

Daughter knowing her mum was good enough to get slept on



So fam

Next time you are preying on something you ain’t pose to prey on

Next time you are paying on something you ain’t pose to pay on

Next time you are trading on something you ain’t pose to trade on

Ask God to send you someone that transcends your time and toil




Dedicating to all those locked in the system.

All my brothers and sisters doing time

For and due to addiction

Please know someone is out here still praying and hoping for ya

Living off all you gave and giving them; even in your ‘away‘ time



When you fini give up

Run it back…

She God’s Daughter
Someone’s grand-daughter
Someone’s Daughter
Someone’s Sista

Someone’s Mother
Someone’s Aunty




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Living off Experience


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