File Compare Tools – Online


Need to quickly compare a couple of source code files.

I have some tools to do so on my computer but wanted to do so online.

Here are some online tools that one can use.



Worthy Choices

  1. Mergely
    • Link
    • Author
      • Jamie Peabody
    • Language Code is Written In
      • javascript
  2. TextCompare.Org
  3. DiffChecker
    • DiffChecker/Diff
  4. TextCompare.Com


Not Ideal

  1. DiffNow
    • Link
    • Limitations
      • Only the first 2000 lines are shown
  2. W3Docs
    • Link
    • Negatives
      • Cluttered
  3. CopyLeaks
    • Link
    • Negatives
      • Not Ideal for code comparison
      • More suitable for document ( written text ) comparison





Number of Lines




I got to go with Jamie Peabody’s Mergely.

It is available online as a freely available resource.

The source code is publicly availed via GitHub.

Anyone can download and use it locally or similarly avail it as a web service.

It is written in javascript and so one can get by.

The best part for me is that its interface is clean and uncluttered.

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