Soft White Underbelly:- Selena – 2021/Summer



  1. Soft White Underbelly
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          Channel:- Soft White Underbelly
          Date Published:- 2020-February-22nd
          Date Added:- 2021-March-7th


  1. Selena (follow up)
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        Channel:- Soft White Underbelly
        Date Published:- 2021-July-13th
        Date Added:- 2021-July-13th
  2. Prostitute interview-Selena
    • Profile
      • Soft White Underbelly interview and portrait of Selena, a prostitute on Figueroa Street in South Los Angeles.
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      • Video #1
        Channel:- Soft White Underbelly
        Date Published:- 2021-March-20th
        Date Added:- 2021-March-20th



Prostitute interview-Selena – 2021-July-13th

  1. Family Connection
    • AKA Dream
    • Mark contacted my family member
    • And, they contacted me
    • And, then I reached back to Mark
  2.  Power
    • He has power over me
    • Cause he was giving me the drugs
  3. Emotion
    • Willful
      • I was being willful
  4. Drug
    • That gateway drug had me contemplating on doing another drug
    • That was stronger and way worse
    • I was going through a depress phrase
  5. Pimp
    • I had left him
    • Desperate and Feeling Lonely
    • No one to lean on
    • Irritable
    • Was almost passing on
    • Checking In and Cheating
    • Independent
    • Less of a need to be underneath somebody
  6. Waiting for my ID
  7. Elevations
    • There are elevations to this
    • There is that line of work
    • And, then are higher classes to that
    • Escorting
    • Only Fans
      • No one is dying
      • You do not have to shake hands with anybody
    • Pimp
      • I don’t have to let them touch me
      • Or even shake my hands
      • have access to me
      • Or even take my money
      • Independent or you don’t have folks
  8. Classy
    • More classy with what I do
    • I know I am not supposed to be out here
    • Get in a better place with these escort business
  9. Staying with good
    • Therapy
    • Warehouse
    • I could not do a warehouse job
    • So used with fastmoney
    • leaving with a thousand ( Benz ) each say
  10. But then
    • Having to deal with the disgust of men
    • Certain Memory
    • Certain Feelings
  11. Client Relationship
    • If I am dealing with people from the streets, I need a different skillset
    • When on the streets
      • I need a pepper spray
      • I might need to suck somebody
      • I might need to suck somebody for disrespecting me
      • Or pushing through my personal space and boundaries
    • Other girls working the streets will too
  12. Trick?
    • When giving a different angle, I felt this is a trick
    • Somebody wants something from me
    • What do they want?
    • Somebody is out to get me
    • It is too good to be true
    • They miss out on their blessings
  13. Drug Addicts
    • The people that I am hanging with are users
  14. Damage
    • I have done damage
    • To my daughter
    • To my family
  15. When I did wilderness
    • You can not fix it, you can only heal it
    • I am not much of a fixer, I am more of a healer
    • If I burn that bridge with you, you cannot accept me back all the way
    • And, that is fine
    • Where I am trying to get through, I know karma is a thing
    • I have been worried in my subconscious
    • And, that has been eating me up
    • My karma is about to come
    • What am I scared of, what am I worried of
    • But I am the victim
    • As I get off these drugs
    • Your energy is different
    • I do not see myself as a victim
  16. LAW
    • Something is bigger
    • And, that is LAW
    • Selling myself and Showing my ASS
  17. Nervous
    • I get nervous

Prostitute interview-Selena – 2021-March-20th

  1. Pimp Life
    • The game is to be sold, not told
    • You come with nothing, you leave with nothing
    • You choose to be down on them and their crown
      • Materialistic stuff
      • Then you get to live in their mansion
    • Wish I could have written a book
    • Bottom bitch
    • Top Tier million dollar bitch
    • Go out there with the energy you carry
    • Call Me
      • Out of pocket faggot
    • Ask him to put me down
    • Get on e pills
      • with meths in it
      • Lose a lot of weight
      • put crystals in it
      • put meths in it
  2. Stuck
    • No one to give me money
    • Find and spot me out there
    • Out of state/Out of city
      • Fund
      • Cashapp
        • No cashapp
      • Greyhound
        • Someone to get me a greyhound ticket
      • Plane
        • Plane ticket
    • Go back
      • They know how to take care of you
      • How to shut you up
    • Missing pieces that I have to deal with it from being in the game
    • I will feel guilty if I speak on it
      • Everything leads to a different topic
      • Different Story
      • Why this happens
      • Why that happened
    • Heal
      • Ready to heal
      • And, deal with the trauma that I dealt with on the streets
      • with the tricks
      • And, the domestic violence with the pimp
      • Losing my mum
      • And, losing my best friend
    • Time
      • In this game, time flies
      • You don’t have time to think of loses
      • If I have to go catch a date and get my mind of off things, I feel a need to do that
    • Drugs Addiction
      • If I stop taking the perc pills
      • It is not even percs, it is fentanyl
      • You are sniffing fentanyl
      • It is the worst drug, second to heroin
      • It is the worst drug you can get on
    • Get out of the game
  3. Money
    • Made about $50 to 60K in 2 years
    • To me, that is a lot of money
  4. Education
    • Dropped out of school
  5. Friends
    • Square
      • I have one friend, but she is a square
      • Got me a room
      • Or food to eat
      • Clothes on my back
    • Not time
      • Not in the mood
      • Don’t have the energy to open up to somebody
      • So much I want to get off my chest
  6. Raised
    • I was not raised in this lifestyle
    • It took a lot for me to get comfortable with it
    • Respect
      • I had to be trained to respect this game
    • Raised
      • I think about how my mum raised me
      • The spiritual woman she was
    • Gospel
      • How my mum will sing to me certain Gospel songs
    • God
      • My relationship with God has been tested
    • Mum
      • when I get out of this, it will finally hit me that I don’t have a mum anymore
  7. Mark, The Photographer
    • Ripe
      • Ripe for being picked again by another guy
    • Response
      • Family Relationship and Life Insurance
        • One of my sisters asked to put me if she can place me on life insurance
      • Cries
        • Cries to me
        • How she is scared that I will be left on the back streets
        • Raped, naked, and dead
        • There are times that I felt like that is what is going to happen
      • Anger
        • That is why I started to get angry
        • These pimps are not on these dates with us
        • They don’t get in the car with us
        • When you don’t know if someone will inject you with some horse tranquilizer
        • Rape drug
          • They call it a date rape drug
        • More than sex
          • Some of these tricks
            • Get arouse with torture
            • Get arouse with Power
      • Pimp
        • What are we paying you for
        • These little games that you tell us
          • will get us killed
          • left somewhere we don’t want to be
      • Street Life
        • The people that got rich of off this, don’t have to come back to this
        • And, then there are some people that want to be on the streets
          • They like being out here
          • They feel like that is where their spirit is
          • That is where their soul is, attached to their pimping
          • Attach to their game
          • Believing in a “Game God
          • I believe in one God and that is the same God I need to get right with, but I feel I am stuck
        • Mum
          • I don’t have a mum
          • And, that is who was there for everything
          • My mum still loved me
        • Family
          • My family, on the other hand, is so good at holding grudges
          • They don’t believe in letting go of things
          • They hold on to it
          • They go on and on
          • And, I wish I just go back and hear my mum say “I forgive you
          • And, get that closure

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