See, He Happy 4 Her


A quick essay on the Simone Biles Instagram post.



Keep Sake

I like he is south.

His southern drawl reminds me of people I grew up on.

She, on the other, speak proper.

For my southern girls, what a role reverse looks like.

Dead give away is him saying:-

I had you about 3/4th of the way, then I burnt out.

Country Boy, count country block.

She a City Girl.

She know a block can curb around.

For a little bitty girl, she sure do have big, strong, and white teeth.

There she go laughing BIG.


See it is cheap and easy.

Don’t have to light up to get high.

Don’t have to push down to pull through.

Always make sure your pretty is above petty.

Build your own muscles.

And, say God & Mama see me now.

I am one of the ones you chose to bring you glory.

We are above board again.



Now go make someone else laugh even louder.

Now go make someone live lighter.


Prayers Up

Please stay authentic.

And, mindful of the need to return to holiness, healthiness, and happiness.

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