PowerShell – System.Collections.ArrayList – Add versus AddRange


Recently, I converted a small Powershell code from using Array to ArrayList.

Upon the conversion, the Out-Gridview no longer displayed the actual contents of the collection, but the collection’s metadata.



Here is a sample of what is displayed:-

Image -01

Textual -01

  1. Columns
    • Length
    • LongLength
    • Rank
    • IsReadOnly
    • IsFixedSized
    • IsSynchronized
    • Count


Sample Code


    Establishes and enforces coding rules in expressions, scripts, and script blocks.
Set-StrictMode -Version latest

#$arrayNumbered = @();
$arrayNumberedAdd = New-Object -TypeName "System.Collections.ArrayList";

$arrayNumberedAddRange = New-Object -TypeName "System.Collections.ArrayList";

$arrayNumbered1To4 = 1..4
$arrayNumbered13To17 = 13..17

#Add Arrays using Add
$null = $arrayNumberedAdd.Add($arrayNumbered1To4 );
$null = $arrayNumberedAdd.Add($arrayNumbered13To17 );

#Add Arrays using AddRange
$null = $arrayNumberedAddRange.AddRange($arrayNumbered1To4 );
$null = $arrayNumberedAddRange.AddRange($arrayNumbered13To17 );
$arrayNumbered1To4 | Out-Gridview  -wait
$arrayNumbered13To17 | Out-Gridview  -wait

$arrayNumberedAdd | Out-Gridview  -wait

$arrayNumberedAddRange | Out-Gridview  -wait


Output – $arrayNumber1To4

Output – $arrayNumber13To17

Output – $arrayNumberedAdd

Output – $arrayNumberedAddRange



  1. Output – $arrayNumber1To4
    • Raw Data
  2. Output – $arrayNumber13To17
    • Raw Data
  3. Output – $arrayNumberAdd
    • Result of adding using Add
  4. Output – $arrayNumberAddRange
    • Result of adding using AddRange


Source Code



Powershell – Collection – System.Collections.ArrayList – Add Versus AddRange


  1. Microsoft
    • Docs > PowerShell > Scripting > Reference > Microsoft.PowerShell.Utility


If you find that when you employ Out-Grid your data is displayed summarized and not as individual items, please go back and review how you are populating your collections.

That is are you using Add or AddRange?



Dedicating this post to those who share incessantly online.

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