Chrome – URL Box Auto Complete – Removing An Entry


Throughout the day, I use WordPress quite a bit.

My browser of choice is Chrome.

As I access WordPress via the Chrome Address Bar and start entering the targeted WordPress URL, it begins offering previously accessed URLs that begin with WordPress.

Unfortunately, it is so easy to accept auto-suggested entries and be taken to unintended previous posts.

Removing Selected Address Bar Entries


Here are some of the available options for reviewing auto-suggested URL entries:-

  1. Chrome Address Bar
  2. Chrome History


Chrome – Address Bar

  1. Please access Chrome’s Address Bar.
  2. Start entering the URL
  3. Upon matching on the targeted URL, please initiate deletion
  4. The exact key-strokes for deletion is OS dependant
    • MS Windows
      • Shift+Delete
    • Mac
      • Shift+FN+Delete

Chrome History

  1. Please access Chrome’s History
    • In Chrome’s Address Bar, enter “chrome://history”
  2. Access the “Search History” bar
    • In the Search History bar, start entering the targeted URL
  3. Matched URL Entries
    • Matched URL entries are listed
    • Please review each matched URL entry
    • By each matched entry, one will notice  button
    • Please choose the “remove from history” option to initiate URL deletion


Image – chrome – history


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