Care Taking Grand Ma


Mother’s Day 2021




On Mother’s Day weekend 2021, I reached out to one of my cousins.

I had reached out to her being prompted by her younger sister.

There were some needs that needed to be tidied up.

The younger sister is a lot quieter and closed up.

She often leaves it to the older sister to share for the family.

Thank God for the eldest sister.

As a firstborn, she is been raised as a leader; a counselor, and a consoler.

She is a lady; but I am sure she reasons “If I don’t share it, who will it be left to“?

I am grown, and I understand grown needs.”


A Blank Slate

We texted for a bit.

I made a few phone calls and reached out to the participating parties.

Once the other parties were on the phone call, I reached back to her and we had a quick group meeting.

We were able to get everyone on the same page.


A Life In Testing

Matters settled, we allowed everyone else unto their Saturday.

She and I dialogue a bit more.

She opened up along the following lines:-

  1. Youth
    • She said it is hard to open up to her age mates
    • Her age mates just don’t get it
    • They don’t understand the burden of looking over grandparents
    • The need is foreign to her peers
    • Often there are parents, uncles, aunts, and cousins to insulate grandchildren
    • But, not many of those in that branch of our bigger family
  2. No More Fun
    • They see her as no more fun
    • They see her as not sufficiently carefree
    • Slow to Walk
    • And, dull to talk
  3. Tending
    • Tending to toddlers
    • Tending to grandparents
    • Leave so very little tender care unto herself


Unmet Needs

I can now think back to my youth; when similar situations came up

  1. Night Club
    • I was at a nightclub
    • A young lady asked why I chose to talk to her and not her “prettier” friend
    • I don’t think I had an answer
    • I just didn’t think of the reason that deep
    • Cause there was none
    • Now many years later, I wish I had truly understood the depth of the question
  2. Needing to be held
    • I remember many atimes a young lady says I just need to be held
    • And, I assumed I knew better
  3. Ready Answered when the listener would have been satisfied without one
    • Many times I thought someone needed a mind
    • And, not ears


God’s Preparatory System

Walking with God helps grow us:-

  1. Introspectively Looking Back
    • We see in other’s, our own preparation
  2. Resowing Seeds
    • We see those that took our youth as an opportunity to resow their seeds
  3. Watch Men & Burden Bearers
    • Those looking and pleading with us, please don’t sow into the wrong garden.  And, even more importantly please do not allow the wrong sower in your garden
  4. I can’t keep Quiet
    • It is especially hard on those that now have distance and gaining awareness
    • No longer seeing things from self-pleasure
    • Inoculated from self joy, they are more able to weigh joy and cost


Institutional Gratitude

Always in gratitude to the forbearances

  1. Governments
    • Government Institutions
    • Civil Servants
    • Law Enforcement
  2. Pharmaceutical Companies
    • True medicine
  3. Health Care Providers
    • Providing Hospital care
    • Providing Home-Based Care
      • And, allowing those in need to stay with loved ones
      • Availing Hospital Beds to those most in need
  4. Employers
    • I must thank faithful and endearing employers
    • Those who pledged and took faithfully that pledge to keep as many employed through the scrouge
    • Those who allowed and facilitated remote work
  5. Utilities
    • Utilities such as electric, gas, water, garbage pickup companies that held the bill
    • And, did not terminate services
  6. Renters
    • Renters that did not evict
  7. Teachers
    • Teachers who continue to find means to teach
  8. Stayed Home
    • Each person who stayed home
    • And, withheld travels and visiting


Each of Us

It takes each of us to take care of Grand Ma.

It is hard enough for the primary care provider.

There are just too many variables the primary care is dealing with already.

The fewer the permutations the clearer the ideal choice will be.


Thanking Those

Thanking those I am intertwined and enjoined with.

Especially, those that open up and trust me with their true debt.



For the sake of mercy.

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