Saniyya Dennis







  1. Saturday, April 24
    • Police say Saniyya was last seen leaving her dorm room on Buffalo State University’s campus around 11 p.m. Saturday.
  2. Sunday, April 25
    • Saniyya’s family said they called Buffalo State Police to ask for a welfare check on Saniyya twice Sunday evening after not hearing from Saniyya all day.
  3. Monday, April 26
    • Police Chief Peter Carey said the investigation began with a welfare check in Saniyya’s dorm.
  4. Tuesday, April 27
    • New York State Missing Persons Clearing House created a case on Saniyya.
  5. Wednesday, April 28
    • 7 Eyewitness News learned about Saniyya’s disappearance after a non-police agency shared the NYS Missing Persons Clearing House Poster on Facebook around noon. The Buffalo State Police posted to their Facebook and Twitter around 2:30 p.m. Wednesday afternoon. Police had not notified the media Saniyya was missing.
  6. Thursday, April 29
    • Buffalo State Police Chief Carey was interviewed by 7 Eyewitness News at 7 Eyewitness News’s request.
  7. Friday, April 30
    • Buffalo State College held a news conference about Saniyya Dennis. Search parties said they began searching Friday night and have continued every day since. Saniyya’s family expressed dissatisfaction with the investigation.
  8. Monday, May 3
    • The search for Saniyya Dennis makes national headlines on Good Morning America.
  9. Tuesday, May 4
    • Calvin Byrd, Saniyya Dennis’ father, spoke with 7 Eyewitness News and urged anyone who might know anything to come forward. Byrd said he saw a surveillance video that police believe is his daughter walking in Niagara Falls, but it is unclear because the video is from cameras that are far away.
  10. Wednesday, May 5
    • 7 Eyewitness News learns the Erie County District Attorney’s Office is partnering with University Police at Buffalo State to lead the search. New York State Park Police detail the steps of the investigation, saying to this point no evidence of Saniyya Dennis has been located.
  11. Thursday, May 6
    • District Attorney held a news conference postulating she likely passed through suicide


DA: Missing Buff State student appears to have died of suicide


BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Thursday morning, Erie County District Attorney John Flynn provided an update on the disappearance of Buffalo State College student Saniyya Dennis.

Dennis, 19, was last seen leaving her dorm on April 24. In the middle of that day, Flynn says Dennis had been in an argument with her boyfriend that ended with him breaking up with her.

Dennis continued to attempt to contact him and said she was going to kill herself.

Her boyfriend was in New York City the entire time and is not considered a suspect in her disappearance.

Later that day, in another conversation with a male friend in New York City, she said she was planning to die by suicide, Flynn said.

That evening, Dennis and her friend stayed on the phone together for about four hours. In that conversation, she had said she was reconsidering what she said about suicide and was feeling better than she was earlier.

About an hour after that phone conversation ended, Dennis threw personal items into a garbage can. Flynn did not say what those items were but said they would make someone believe she wasn’t planning to return to her dorm.

This was around 11 p.m. Shortly after throwing those personal items away, her bus card was swiped at a nearby bus.

On the first bus, Flynn said Dennis was alone, but she eventually got onto another bus and got off at a stop near the Niagara Falls Visitor Center. Around Midnight, Dennis texted her mother, telling her she loves her and that she’ll call her the next day.

She also texted her friend, saying she wouldn’t see him this summer.

The last time Dennis was seen on video was around 12:17 a.m. She was seen on park cameras on the bridge along Goat Island Road.

As she was there, she received a text from a friend telling her to call him or else he’ll call the police.

He then called her, and they spoke for about 45 minutes. In that conversation, Dennis said she was going to jump off a bridge.

Around 1 a.m., Dennis took a Snapchat selfie near the Nikola Tesla monument. Niagara Falls was in the background.

About 20 minutes after this, she texted a male friend and said that she spoke with her mom and was on her way back to Buffalo. But that was not true, according to cell phone records.

Minutes after that, her cell phone left the cellular network, meaning it was either powered off or destroyed.

All of this information was provided to Dennis’s parents on Wednesday afternoon.

“It appears this poor girl took her own life,” Flynn says.

Multiple agencies have been involved in the search for Dennis, and the search will continue until she’s found. But Flynn says her body may not be able to be recovered.

“Yesterday afternoon, members of my office met with the family of Saniyya Dennis to provide an update on the investigation into her disappearance. At this time, we believe that Saniyya traveled alone from the Buffalo State College campus by NFTA bus to Niagara Falls State Park where the evidence suggests that she took her own life during the early morning hours of Sunday, April 25, 2021.

While the Erie County District Attorney’s Office does not typically become involved in missing person cases unless there is evidence of criminality, we assisted in this multi-agency effort to find Saniyya at the request of SUNY Buffalo State College University Police.

My office and our partners in law enforcement have found no evidence of any criminality in this case. All evidence indicates that Saniyya ended her own life, but the investigation into her disappearance will not be closed until she is found.

My thoughts and prayers remain with Saniyya’s family and friends during this difficult time.

Thank you to all who have assisted in the search to find Saniyya. I commend SUNY Buffalo State College, Buffalo State College University Police, New York State Park Police, Niagara Frontier Transit Authority Police, New York State Police, Mayor Byron Brown, Buffalo Police Department, Niagara County Sheriff’s Office, Niagara Regional Police, New York Police Department, the FBI and other law enforcement agencies who have dedicated their time and resources to this ongoing investigation.

I also want to thank the Buffalo State community, members of the media, and residents from Western New York and beyond who have participated in the search and shared information about her case.”



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  2. WIVB
    • DA: Missing Buff State student appears to have died of suicide
      • Date Published:- 2021-May-6th
        Date Added:- 2021-May-6th


May is Mental Health Month.


Lifted Up

Please join the community in lifting up the family, love ones, volunteers, news media, and law enforcement.



May God have his Angels carry you on the last leg of this life journey.

Faithfulness, prayers & togetherness to your family and loved ones.



Yo! This is family.

I am all teared up, broken a bit over it.


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