Google Docs – Convert To Table – Missing Functionality


Using Google Docs to write a document.

To illustrate a few points, it will help to capture data and show it as a table.


Context Text To Table

Google Docs

From SQL Server Management Studio ( SSMS ) captured the table and pasted it to Google Docs.

Looked for ways to convert the text to Table, but no lock.

What else to do, but Google for how to do so.

Discovered that as of today, 2021-May-4th, convert text to table remains a missing functionality.




  1. Microsoft Word
    • Copy table from originating source to Microsoft Word
    • Utilize MS Word “convert text to table” functionality
    • Capture converted table
  2. Google Docs
    • Paste converted text to Google Docs

Microsoft Word


Microsoft – Word –  Document – Pasted Table


Microsoft – Word – Menu – Table – Insert Table – “Convert Text to Table”

Microsoft – Word – Option – Table – Insert Table – “Convert Text to Table”

Microsoft – Word –  Document – “Text Converted to Table”
Microsoft – Word – “Text Converted to Table” – Highlighted

Google Docs


Google Docs – Plain Text
Google Docs – Text Converted To Table



In dedication to my Bro, Rao.

Reached out to him for help.

He came back with so many that I have still stuck at the first one.

It makes the heart happy that smart and very rich men and women leave everything they are doing to come see about you and your care and worries.

Rao, Bro, I owe you a reply; please give me a bit of time to sort through everything you are trying to give me.

Grace, family.

Always walking and working through someone else shoes.

I owe you pair a of shoes, but I couldn’t afford the brands you wear.

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